The next Emerging Sensitive Program is coming in 2020!

Welcome To Sensitive Evolution

Most highly sensitive people need some understanding and clarity about themselves and the world they live in to take their place in the world. The Sensitive Evolution website provides the necessary support for sensitive people to come into their own. It offers

  • an online library about sensitivity and a blog with articles relevant to sensitive people and their experience
  • a book that shows sensitive people a natural pathway from learning about their trait to finding their place in the world
  • online courses for self-paced learning to develop the skills that free sensitive people to be their best selves
  • a health section about Ayurveda, a natural health system very supportive for sensitive people
  • a radio station with music designed for sensitive people
  • a private Facebook community and other social media connections.

Sensitive Evolution supports the self-actualization of each highly sensitive person (HSP). We do that by helping sensitive people of all kinds embrace their unique trait and gifts so they can take their place in the world.  Our courses help sensitive people go from overwhelm and confusion about their sensitivity to clarity about themselves and the way the world works. As a result they:

  • appreciate themselves more.
  • know the "why" behind social and work difficulties with people who are different have occurred so they can release old frustrations and negative feelings.
  • identify which problems are theirs and which are not, so they can focus more on their own work and life.
  • know where they can find kindred spirits and the work situations that suit them.
  • transform feelings of being different a positive perception of themselves and their potential.
  • transcend false labels so they have greater real confidence.
  • find their place in the emerging communitarian culture.

We help people process their experience with greater comfort by using frameworks about culture and personal development along with insights around emotions and manifestation. Our courses provide each sensitive person with a strong foundation to make the most of their gifts so they can enjoy life and thrive.




Have questions about sensitity? You will find many answers in our library and blog.


Discover a natural pathway for taking your place in the world.


Learn the frameworks and tools to master sensitivity and turn it into the gift it was meant to be.


Ayurveda provides customized health plans for sensitive people. Learn more about it.


Enjoy music from a radio station designed for sensitive people.


Meet and learn with people like you in our private Facebook group.