The Dance from Anger to Empathy


“My mother is driving me nuts again,” Carol tells me as we hike up to Grant Hill during one of our weekly hikes. Her comment is in response to my inquiry about how her week was going. The edge of her reply regarding her elderly mother gets my attention. Before I can say anything, Carol…

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The Gift Of Compassion From Sensitive People

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t always handle doctor’s office visits well especially with procedures involving unexpected pain. All too often, there is a sudden cold sweat followed by nausea and lightheadedness signaling I’m getting ready to faint. For the Highly Sensitive, fainting can be our ingrained response to the invasiveness of  modern medicine followed by the emotional recognition of…

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Unwrapping the Gift of Our Sensitivity

I was driving home from work when my cell phone beeped notifying me I had received a text from Angie, a close friend whom I’d been teaching intuitive awareness for the past year. Without looking at my phone, I knew it was a request to call her; usually, a sign that life was giving her…

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Working With The Energy Of Perception

  ” We need to spin you happy ” Danielle mentions as we walk along the tree lined path by the Mohawk river. I have always loved walking that path especially during those times when life was wearing me down. Like the bare trees around us which had dropped their leaves weeks before, my spirit felt stark and colorless. Unexpectedly,  my…

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7 Steps To Access Intuitive Feelings For Balanced Living


There were nine of us sitting in a circle on the floor of the bookstore that day as I began my intuition workshop. Whenever I teach people about intuitive feelings, our journey together always begins the same question: “Tell me something”, I asked them, “how many of you feel your too sensitive and that this sensitivity hinders your life?”. Every hand in the room raised up, a…

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The Paths We Travel Working With Our Sensitivity

“All of life is a circle” my meditation teacher tells me during a discussion on  the lessons life often presents; “Regardless of the starting point, at one time or another life’s circumstances will always steer you back to similar circumstances; if for no other reason than to allow awareness of the progress of one’s own…

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The Philanthropy Of Our Sensitivity

One subject which has been on my mind lately is the concept of philanthropy. In the past, I considered philanthropy to be large sums of money being gifted to a university or institution. But how would we define philanthropy as it relates to our sensitivity?  This question appeared to me when it was pointed out that…

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Migrating To Intuitive Awareness

When teaching intuitive awareness, one of the things I  stress is that the world around us can be our teacher as long as we are willing to listen.  For the highly sensitive, it is through our sensitivity in which this quiet voice speaks to us. Unfortunately, in daily living there come those moments when the…

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The Voice Of Sensitivity In This Age Of COVID


The dream captivated my awareness in the wee hours of the morning; it was the intensity that made me remember it as soon as I awoke. My sensitivity doesn’t sleep as I do. Instead, it prowls the nightly dreamscape and when conditions warrant, sends a precognitive warning of trouble ahead. My last dream precognition saved…

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