Click to register for The Hidden Gifts In These Changing Times: 5 Keys To Mastering 2024 I am sharing this piece by David Whyte because of his beautiful articulation of the deeply felt experience of living, especially in gratitude. Please visit his website for more of his writings and programs. They are worth your time and investment. I…

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End Disappointment Bullying

disappointment bullying

Click to register for The Hidden Gifts In These Changing Times: 5 Keys To Mastering 2024 We all know what it is like to feel disappointed. It is a feeling of being let down. That means that we had reason to expect something other than the result that we received. So disappointment does not just…

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How A Joy Practice Makes Your Ego Your Friend

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the ego as your idea or opinion of yourself, especially your feeling of your own importance and ability The definition of the ego varies according to who is defining it and there are many different perspectives about it. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, in psychoanalysis, the part of a person’s mind that tries to match the hidden desires (= wishes) of the id (= part of the unconscious mind) with the demands of the real world is how they define ego.  Many spiritual traditions define the ego as a part of us…

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Can We Rethink Success?


We have a story about limitlessness in our cultural story, which, on the surface, sounds terrific. It means not having limits or bounds and is pretty much an anything-goes way of thinking. It is obviously wrong since nature is telling us to chill, unfortunately, without much effect. What happens with the idea of limitlessness is…

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Can We Get Beyond Rejection?


I have noticed more and more how much of our social conversation and social focal point is about rejection. I see it all over the media, in all sorts of topic areas. In politics, it seems to be a never-ending discussion about polls and who is up or down, who is “winning” or who is…

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The Most Important Of Beliefs To Change

belief to change

There is one belief that is the most essential belief you need to change if you want a permanent shift in your life. Where Do Beliefs Come From? Sometimes, it can seem that beliefs come from our minds. They seem to appear out of nowhere to tell us which end is up. Beliefs can have…

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A Joy Practice Eliminates Withholding


Have you had the experience of someone withholding something from you? There are many kinds of withholding. When people mention it, sexual withholding often comes to mind, but withholding is a much bigger and more important form of abuse than we may realize. Withholding affects us on many levels. It hurts trust in any area…

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Hierarchy: Why Conformity Is Not Cooperation


When we experience rejection, sometimes it is based on something remiss in what we have done, but too often, it occurs because we do not conform to societal norms. However, we rarely get a direct and honest explanation for our rejection. When we are not conforming, many will feel threatened because the security of the…

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Loyalty: A Mixed Blessing


I remember when I was young, feeling very confused about the rejection I experienced from those around me. It did not make sense. What was wrong with playing with the girl next door, or wanting to read or do other activities like scouts, or having a Barbie doll? Yup, no Barbies allowed!  It is natural…

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Trapped: How False Shame Steals Your Joy


Photo by Ashley Anthony on Unsplash Does it seem like some kind of wet blanket hovers over you? Have you ever wondered why the “bad” feelings never seem to go away? Why is it that these negative feelings are so readily available? Why is so much that we are offered cloaked in some kind of…

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