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5 Reasons Being A Control Freak Is Good For You

Are you a control freak? Do you get teased for being organized? Do you receive disapproval for needing a neat environment? Do you feel that you are “wrong” to be this way? Would you be surprised to learn that you are right to want to be organized and neat? Being Neat Is Not The Same…

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How An Empathetic Nature Can Block Creativity

empathetic nature

We HSPs are famous for our empathetic nature. We are also often creative. Often we are also creatively blocked. Is there a relationship? Can our empathetic nature get in the way of creativity and block it? Empathy Is Precious I personally treasure empathy. Not just for its humanitarian value, but because it is also a…

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The Lack Mind: Why It Exists

For centuries, perhaps the entire history of the human race, “not enough” has been a perceptual anchor. Perceptions about enough and not enough form the basis of much prejudice as well as social and economic inequity. Lack is a frame of reference that informs most of human culture and also our judgment of each other.…

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How Delegating Reveals Dysfunction In Relationships

Do you do a lot of delegating? Are others frequently delegating to you? As  a highly sensitive person, do you find yourself expected to support others too much? Do you ever feel that you are drowning in needs to be met and problems to be solved? Why is that? Reasons for Delegating Delegating can be a challenging…

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Fixation On The “Bad”

I suspect that our fixation on the “bad” is a habit left over from our ancient past.”Bad” is a very problematic word.  Mostly because it is used to cover so much territory. It is too ambiguous to say much but definitely carries intent with it. “Bad” can drive social behavior and also social consequences. “Bad”…

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The Illusion Of Autonomy

Being a sensitive person means that you come into contact with the illusion of autonomy all the time. For a long time human culture – especially Western culture – has promoted autonomy as an important goal for individuals and societies. The goal of autonomy has been a social answer to the issues created by the…

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Unfreeze Those Feelings

To a child all feelings may seem huge, since they feel so small – and are. Children are very natural about their feelings. They experience them and let them go. Unfortunately, it does not take long before we learn that our feelings are unwanted and inconvenient. Then we start to reject them and hold them in with all…

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Are You Really Inhibited?

Are you  inhibited? What does inhibited even mean? Is it just another one of those value judgments that we use to hurt each other? What Does Inhibited Mean? According to the Free Dictionary, to be inhibited is to restrain, to prohibit and forbid. Inhibited also means to act with self consciousness rather than naturalness. Merriam-Webster defines inhibit as “to…

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The Special Value Of The Outsider

Outsiders have been shunned by many societies for a long time. They have a special value for their cultures that is often unrecognized and overlooked. Outsiders are the guardians of authenticity. Outsiders And Authenticity Outsiders live on the edge in a way which provides them with a particular vantage point on life. They tend to…

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A Reexamination Of Comfort Zones And Creativity

Being in one’s comfort zone or not seems to be a marker of all sorts of wonderful traits including creativity and progressiveness. I can even be a path to success and wealth! I consider myself a creative person. However, I find many ideas about comfort zones, and getting out of them, to have very little…

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