Protection That Comes From Inhabiting The Body


When the Pandemic struck last March, I was just completing a 7-month on-line teacher training group with Judith Blackstone called Realization Process, Healing Ground. Judith teaches 4 main practices that can really strengthen our presence in the world as HSPs. These practices are truly the most useful resources I have found to date about living…

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Emotional Healing And The Body


Highly sensitive people come into the world very attuned to the sensory world. We perceive so much from inside ourselves and from observing and sensing others. When we encounter intense pain or even trauma, that same gift of sensing can overwhelm us with too much sensation and information. Our system can shut down to protect…

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How To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy

  HSPs frequently ask me how to protect themselves from other people’s energy.  I always tell them that there is no quick and easy answer. People are frequently looking for a shield or want to learn how to create an energy bubble.  The truth is, if you know your own issues, then other people’s issues…

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