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Taming The Inner Killjoy

How do you tame the inner killjoy? The inner killjoy is a part of us – like it or not. Even when we are highly focused on an activity, it sits there waiting to pounce. The inner killjoy is certain that something bad is going to happen.  It is closely related to the inner critic,…

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Healing Beyond Affirmations

Can affirmations help us heal? Affirmations became popular with the birth of the human potential movement.  One of the perceptions of the human potential movement has been that limitations on happiness and achievement come from negative beliefs about ourselves. As a result, the human potential movement put a lot of attention on how we think…

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Guilt Riddance

guilt riddance

Guilt! We all hate it, and it can cling to us no matter what we do. Why is that? Where Does Guilt Come From? I think guilt is interesting in a way. None of us are born with it, and yet it is like a plague of emotional contamination in our lives. Many of us are…

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How To Stop Feeling Bad: Make Reality Your Friend

make reality your friend

No one wants to feel bad. However, the human socialscape seems to be dominated by stories and events that are negative and create unhappy feelings. We are all affected by them yet sensitive people because of their attentive nervous systems may be more affected than others. Feeling bad takes energy and time. To some degree…

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Sensitive People’s Inverted Hierarchy Of Needs

A few months back, I attended a talk by Dave Markowitz, the author of Self-Care For The Self-Aware, in the events room of a metaphysical bookstore filled with highly sensitive people and empaths looking for insights and help. The energy in the room was electric. As it often happens when I attend a group event…

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Walls Do Not Make Us Safe

More and more walls are rising in our world. All sorts of walls: brick, stone, identity, geographical, ideological, and economic. There there are social barriers of race, sex and physical abilities. Roles and social affiliations are other forms of demarcation. So are rules. We often can’t live with them and we cannot live without them. Why We Have…

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The High Cost Of Being “Right”

We are taught to pursue being right. We are rewarded by families and schools for the “right” answers. Often the ideas we encounter about “right” are presented as absolutes. We can feel their inflexibility and lack of nuance, their lack of consideration for context. What Does Being Right Mean? When we talk about being right…

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Entertain The Beautiful Questions

Before the New Year claims your time and energy, take time for the beautiful questions, the questions you may fear, the questions that may seem too bold. These are the questions of wonder possibility and hope. These are the questions that your imagination longs for and your soul is ready for. SOMETIMES Sometimesif you move…

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