Who Are You Without The Baggage?


Photo by Lynda Hinton on Unsplash We all carry baggage from the past. We can feel it in our energy. We know it is in our minds especially when we are ruminating on something we do not understand or something that has hurt us. Many of us work with meditations of various kinds and other…

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Heal The Masculine And Feminine: Release The Toxic Inheritance

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash We have been going through a deep change in our social structures for some time. Although the building of new cultural forms has been going on surreptitiously for at least a century, more recently as human beings focused more and more on their social development, these changes have become…

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How To Move Forward In Spite Of Blocks

Photo by Jace & Afsoon on Unsplash It’s strange isn’t it? The hard time we have moving forward? One step forward, another back, yet another sideways? Sometimes it can seem like we are just going around in circles. Blockages Most blockages come from unresolved problems. So how do we become blocked and what can we…

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Why You Haven’t Been Able To Heal


Photo by Ante Gudelj on Unsplash Many people have been working on healing for decades. The human potential movement which began in the mid-1900s also ushered in interest in discovering ways to transform our painful histories. Meditation, affirmation, and alternative medicine all played a role in helping people begin to heal themselves from the legacy…

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The Social Challenge Of Highly Sensitive People

Highly sensitive people can be independent and able to be alone. However, that does not mean that we necessarily are happy and comfortable with it. Recently I have been asking myself why being alone is considered, “bad” or a sign of a problem. Do I need to be herded into a group, an identity, or…

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Telltale Signs You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

Do you like solitary pursuits? Do you get overwhelmed easily? Do you hate small talk? Even if you do, how do you know you are a highly sensitive person? Traits Of The Highly Sensitive Person Highly sensitive people get the sense at a young age that they are different. They don’t fit in. They are…

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The Hidden Bridge: Making Connection Easier

hidden bridge

Why is it so hard for people to work together and solve problems together? So often people organize themselves by some sort of group affiliation that they often do not see other ways to connect. Are we missing something – another hidden bridge to help us work together better? Sources Of Cohesion Cohesion is created…

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Enchantment: A Key To Change


Change is hard for so many reasons. All change involves risk, of course. We may lose our social anchors and also our financial and other supports. We are currently going through one of the most important periods of change in all of human history. It will require change from everyone and it will require substantial…

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When Is Vulnerability Toxic?

How we notice, experience, internalize and project vulnerability are extremely important topics. There is no way we can really come into our own in a strong co-creating way in the world unless we are able to get a handle on this important topic. Debunking Mono-Vulnerability According to Merriam Webster, vulnerability is: 1. capable of being…

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