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Relieve Chronic Pain with Ayurveda

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Does it seem as if the amount of pain you are experiencing is growing over time rather than diminishing? Do you have a hard time functioning because of chronic pain? Is it hard to relieve your chronic pain with medication? What Causes Chronic Pain? There are many causes of…

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Meeting The Moment

One of my favorite phrases is “meeting the moment.” Do you know what it is? Have you ever had the experience of meeting the moment? Meeting the moment is more than being present. It is what you do when you are present like the rabbit in the image. What Is Meeting The Moment? What does it…

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A Practical Tool To Make Change Easier For HSPs

As a highly sensitive person, you might find dealing with and processing energy in conflict-ridden situations extremely draining. I know this is true for me. I am hyper-aware of shifts in other people’s feelings and how these feelings affect me. Like many other women, I also have people-pleasing tendencies that make what’s an already draining…

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Truths Spoken In The Silence Of Contemplation

It had been a long day. One which didn’t improve when I fell asleep during my meditation class that evening after a twelve-hour shift at work. Feeling embarrassed afterward, I had a hard time meeting the teacher’s eyes as we put the chairs away before dispersing for the night. But true to form, there was…

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Taming The Inner Killjoy

How do you tame the inner killjoy? The inner killjoy is a part of us – like it or not. Even when we are highly focused on an activity, it sits there waiting to pounce. The inner killjoy is certain that something bad is going to happen.  It is closely related to the inner critic,…

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Healing Beyond Affirmations

Can affirmations help us heal? Affirmations became popular with the birth of the human potential movement.  One of the perceptions of the human potential movement has been that limitations on happiness and achievement come from negative beliefs about ourselves. As a result, the human potential movement put a lot of attention on how we think…

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Guilt Riddance

guilt riddance

Guilt! We all hate it, and it can cling to us no matter what we do. Why is that? Where Does Guilt Come From? I think guilt is interesting in a way. None of us are born with it, and yet it is like a plague of emotional contamination in our lives. Many of us are…

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How To Stop Feeling Bad: Make Reality Your Friend

make reality your friend

No one wants to feel bad. However, the human socialscape seems to be dominated by stories and events that are negative and create unhappy feelings. We are all affected by them yet sensitive people because of their attentive nervous systems may be more affected than others. Feeling bad takes energy and time. To some degree…

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