Tips For Parents During Turbulent Times


For many, this year has been a whirlwind of intense emotions, loss, grief and disruption. And many opportunities of growth have posed themselves for parents. In that avenue, this year has been one of witnessing hundreds of parents reaching out for help, accessing it, setting their sensitive children up for success while simultaneously learning how…

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Is Everything Okay?

In an article published in November in The New York Times, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and an American member of the British royal family asked the question: Are you okay?” I was recently asked a similar question, “Is Everything Okay?” And my answer, probably like millions of Americans, was, no everything is not okay…

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Protection That Comes From Inhabiting The Body


When the Pandemic struck last March, I was just completing a 7-month on-line teacher training group with Judith Blackstone called Realization Process, Healing Ground. Judith teaches 4 main practices that can really strengthen our presence in the world as HSPs. These practices are truly the most useful resources I have found to date about living…

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Time For A New Story?


It seems to me that we are going round and round in circles culturally, and unable to get beyond the painful, trauma inducing ways we have created. I know I am not alone in seeking ways to solve our problems and it has occured to me that perhaps what we need is not a new…

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Remember to Pencil Your Sensitivity In


As highly sensitive people, we feel life’s presence, delight, sadness, hope, and fear so deeply that our feelings often sidetrack us in ways both large and small.  Overlooking a small task or two in a state of emotional distraction won’t likely spell the end of the world but what if those tiny distractions become a…

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