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Social Norms

Is The Quick Fix Killing Us?

Is the quick fix killing us? Until the capitalistic system emerged which harnessed nature to satisfy unmet human needs, the history of the human race had been a history of poverty and misery. Our current economic system came into being to solve the problem of poverty and now it seems to be returning us to poverty.…

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Is Poverty A Fault?

Do you ever feel that it is wrong to be poor? Do you sometimes feel that to be poor is a mark of failure? Several days ago I read an article by Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed In America, that challenges the common views in the United States about wealth and poverty. She demonstrates…

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Tyranny of the Clock

People in an economic system based on production learn to live with the tyranny of the clock.  Although people have been tracking time since the early days of humans, our relationship with time has become different. Time used to be related to something going on in nature.  People measured the hours of sunshine, the seasons,…

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The Wound Of Materialism

Materialism destroys our environment as this picture shows. It also destroys so much more. It destroys our humanity. Every society defines its purposes and priorities. There was a time when the material side of life was extremely lacking and improving the human standard of living was a necessary and important goal. So the Western world,…

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Why Aggression Is A Mistake

Aggression is a mistake. Given the condition of human society at the moment, that may seem to be a radical statement. And perhaps it is. It seems to stem from dogmatic, rigid viewpoints carried out in a culture.  I am not talking about religious dogmatism although people can be aggressive about their views. I am talking more about…

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