Can The Gravitational Pull Of Negativity Be Overcome?


Negativity plagues most human beings to a such a degree that many experience symptoms from depression to a simple loss of the joy of life. Negativity shows up in our lives as an energy and also as a recurring event so it can seem like a permanent feature in our lives. The good news is…

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Duality And The Mastery Of The Exquisite


Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash Duality is something that many of us embrace as a way to develop perceptual sophistication. You know… …love vs. hate… …light vs. dark… …yin vs. yang… …good vs. bad… …masculine vs. feminine… It’s a start! Duality Can Be Like Fool’s Gold Discovering duality can be exciting. It is a…

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Workplace Bullying: A Survival Guide

Unfortunately, difficult economic conditions can increase the negative behaviors that people will tolerate in order to keep their jobs. If you ever find yourself the target of workplace bullying, it is important to have strategies to safeguard your emotional and physical well-being. If You Experience Workplace Bullying If you are being bullied at work: Don’t…

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A Reexamination Of Comfort Zones And Creativity

comfort zones

Being in one’s comfort zone or not has become an easy marker or diagnosis of what we are doing wrong. It can be useful unless we turn it into a form of black and white thinking as a way of beating ourselves up. Our inner critics love ideas like this. I consider myself a creative…

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The Dark Side Of Self Sacrifice: How It Affects Your Health

Sacrifice took root in human society centuries ago in our earliest days. Self sacrifice did as well. Our early ancestors used sacrifice to make offerings to the gods as a form of protection against forces that were unpredictable, that they did not understand and that they could not control. Consider it an early form of…

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Surprise Anxiety Relief For Sensitive People


I love stories. They often take us by the hand and point out something obvious, something we couldn’t see just because we were so close to it. This time, I want to talk about a true story shared by the great psychologist Rollo May. It appears in his book The Courage to Create and talks…

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Why We Demonize Each Other

Why do people demonize each other? During the difficult times we are living in, not just because of COVID-19 but also because we are going through necessary and long avoided change, people are projecting their pain and fears onto each other. We humans have long been challenged by our vulnerabilities, real and imagined. Fear is…

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The Hidden Danger Of Beliefs

Beliefs have a long and troubling history. There is more anguish and heartache created by beliefs than probably anything else. So why do we have them and why do they persist? Take A Step Back In Time When an event occurs, we come up with an explanation. Explanations can be true or not. They may be validated…

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Why Responsibility Is Not Enough

Have you ever noticed how the word responsibility gets thrown around a lot? Does it seem strange that in spite of that we have so many pressing problems in our world? I think it is worth asking why that is. Responsibility Is Not Stewardship When we talk about responsibility we are usually referring to tasks: you…

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Tyranny of the Clock

People in an economic system based on production learn to live with the tyranny of the clock.  Although people have been tracking time since the early days of humans, our relationship with time has become different. Time used to be related to something going on in nature.  People measured the hours of sunshine, the seasons,…

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