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Why Kindness Is Winning

Kindness is winning! Steven Pinker, the Harvard College Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, wrote an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Violence Vanquished, about the decline of violent conflict in the world, and how we have evolved to become more peaceful which means an increase in kindness.  The article was adapted from his new…

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The Benefits And Limits Of Tribalism

Tribalism is an important part of human history. Tribes often hold our identity and our belonging initially to our families and then to other groups as we mature and take our place in the world as adults. Tribes have an important place in our psyches. It is important that we understand their positives and also…

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How To Beat Triumphalism And Heal Emotional Wounds

Emotional wounds are very difficult to heal. They are even harder for highly sensitive people to recover from. Have you ever wondered why that is? What Happens To Emotional Wounds? What is an emotional wound? An emotional wound is damage to our spirit and therefore our life force. It is an attack on our heart and soul. When…

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Workplace Bullying: A Survival Guide

Unfortunately, difficult economic conditions can increase the negative behaviors that people will tolerate in order to keep their jobs. If you ever find yourself the target of workplace bullying, it is important to have strategies to safeguard your emotional and physical well-being. If You Experience Workplace Bullying If you are being bullied at work: Don’t…

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Too Nice For Your Own Good As An HSP?

Sometimes, it can feel like we can’t even see the underlying problems that come with emotional patterns we play out as HSPs. It can feel like we are doing our best but then bashing our heads against the same problem over and over again. Maybe, as an HSP, our identity is too tightly woven with…

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Is Poverty A Fault?

Do you ever feel that it is wrong to be poor? Do you sometimes feel that to be poor is a mark of failure? Several days ago I read an article by Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed In America, that challenges the common views in the United States about wealth and poverty. She demonstrates…

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The End Of Economic Man

Who is economic man? Economic man is a human creation, an identity we invented to serve a specific purpose. Economic Man And The Age Of Enlightenment Many people think that with the Enlightenment we invented freedom. That is a myth. What we really invented was what I call “economic man” or the identity suited to…

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Can Contempt Be Cured?

Underneath all of the pain in the world is a fundamental mistake: the mistake of contempt. What Is Contempt? Contempt is an ugly feeling.  According to the Free Dictionary, contempt is: 1. The feeling or attitude of regarding someone or something as inferior, base, or worthless; scorn. 2. The state of being despised or dishonored:…

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Tyranny of the Clock

People in an economic system based on production learn to live with the tyranny of the clock.  Although people have been tracking time since the early days of humans, our relationship with time has become different. Time used to be related to something going on in nature.  People measured the hours of sunshine, the seasons,…

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