How Joy Challenges The Gravitational Pull Of Negativity

joy challenges negativity

Photo by Joe Waranont on Unsplash So often, we think we have to defend ourselves from or fight negativity. Suppose it could be easier? Negativity is how fear-based thinking shows up in the world, and since fear-based thinking has been our anchor for thousands of years, it is what we are used to. It also…

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Joy: A Pathway For Sensitive People

  Many people think joy is a nice feeling but that it is a side note in life, not important, nor is it practical. This thinking is limited, and it is also limiting us. We need joy because of its importance, value, and practical benefits. Right now, the world is in the grips of grim…

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The Secret Gift Of Joy For Sensitive People

secret benefit of joy

Photo by Ron Fung on Unsplash We all struggle to focus on the present for good reasons. The complexity of modern life, the intensity, and pace of our culture, as well as the very serious issues we are challenged by, can make it difficult to invest in our daily activities in a way that engages…

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A Need Rarely Acknowledged


Photo by Wynand van Poortvliet on Unsplash We all have lots of different needs. Some are obvious: food, water, etc.; others are latent or hidden in us. In addition to wanting to be happy, we also need to think well of ourselves. As much as we may be judged by others, we also judge ourselves…

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Keys To Easier Manifesting If You Are Sensitive


Photo by Sandra Grünewald on Unsplash It is very easy to get bogged down when you’re sensitive. This is especially true in the modern world which is overwhelming to the senses. There was a time in the past (and perhaps in our future) when the pace of life was slower and as a result, the…

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How To Become Open To Receiving


Photo by Alistair MacRobert on Unsplash Receiving is not always easy to do. For many of us, giving is preferable. Giving is a position of power and when we receive we may feel indebted or vulnerable in some other way. Is Receiving Different For Sensitive People? Sensitive people may have more difficulty receiving than others…

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A Hidden Gift Of Sensitivity


Photo by Jorge Franco on Unsplash One of the gifts of being sensitive is our access to the immense richness of our world. It is a beautiful thing to be able to connect so strongly with nature, animals, and other people, both the human and other-than-human world. Too often, as sensitive people, we feel or…

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Is Your Perspective Hurting Or Helping You?


ProPhoto by Colin Watts on Unsplash We are at that time of year when we try to gain a new perspective on life, turn over a “new leaf” and create more of the life we have always wanted. Of course, given the COVID pandemic and other problems we are all facing, it may seem ridiculous…

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The Secret Benefit of Emotional Healing

Are you stuck in your emotional healing? Do you keep falling down? Do you ever wonder what there is for you when your healing is complete? Does Emotional Healing Ever End? Emotional healing can seem like a never ending process for a reason. Emotional healing focuses on a problem: you are the problem your parents…

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Trapped: How False Shame Steals Your Joy


Photo by Ashley Anthony on Unsplash Does it seem like some kind of wet blanket hovers over you? Have you ever wondered why the “bad” feelings never seem to go away? Why is it that these negative feelings are so readily available? Why is so much that we are offered cloaked in some kind of…

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