Healing Legacy Authoritarian Trauma

authoritarian trauma

Many people think hierarchies are the normal and natural way for people to organize. For thousands of years, humans have lived in hierarchical, mostly authoritarian societies. The mindsets, beliefs, and practices of these cultural arrangements have been passed from one generation to another, including assigned rights, privileges, duties, and obligations.  Hierarchical societies made sense at…

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The High Cost Of Neglect


During times of great change like now, we are bumping up against issues and problems that have been neglected for a long time. Often what has been neglected is also what has been taken for granted. Neglect is not a simple matter. Sometimes we neglect something because we need to. During a crisis like a…

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A Joy Pyramid Would Benefit Sensitive People


Most people have heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, created in the 1940s.  Maslow offered us a way to visualize personal growth as a process achieved through the satisfaction of a series of basic needs.  We all have certain fundamental needs that are always there and foundational. The need for food, safety, and connection –…

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Moving From Surviving To Thriving


e all know change and experience it all the time, the stages of the day and the seasons of the year being great examples of natural change. There are times when other changes are more extensive, more far-reaching, and have a more significant impact, like the times we are living through right now. Cultures are…

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Joy And Strokes: A Change That Makes A Difference

  Animals are wonderfully direct. They see good, they act on goodness and all is well. If you are good for them they will let you know how much they appreciate you. There is no conflict. Humans and their desire for control complicate many social interactions and personal choices. As a result, many people feel…

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How Does A Joy-Based Life Feel?

what joy feels like

What does a joy-based life feel like? It can be hard to get your arms around the idea that a life filled with joy is possible, given the conflict, war, and destruction in our world. Joy has the potential to shift us from living a fear-based life to one that honors the good in ourselves,…

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The Transformational Value Of Joy-Based Archetypes

joy archetypes

We have so many interesting archetypes we can investigate to learn more about ourselves. Interestingly, though, these archetypes have been created in the fear-based world as guides to how we can use our energies and what the archetypes can teach us about our nature and how we can grow through them They are very illuminating.…

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2 Worlds – Joy Vs Fear: What Is The Difference?

joy vs fear

Photo by Ignacio Joaquin Silveyra de Avila on Unsplash There is a stark difference between fear-based worlds and joy-based ones. In fairness, fear and joy both have their place in life. However, it makes a huge difference which we use as the primary anchor for structuring our world. That is what our discussion is about…

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Joy: A Practice That Benefits You

joy practice

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels A joy practice is a lot like weaving. It is naturally open to all of life, all the resources available, and different options for using them well in each circumstance. It is a friendly approach to daily living, to oneself, to others, and to the environment. To develop joy…

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Joy: A Pathway For Sensitive People

  Many people think joy is a nice feeling but that it is a side note in life, not important, nor is it practical. This thinking is limited, and it is also limiting us. We need joy because of its importance, value, and practical benefits. Right now, the world is in the grips of grim…

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