The Power and Fun of Reframing

Join me for my discussion with Rose Cox, creator of the Sensitive CEO Show. We discuss the importance and power of reframing and how it can helps us in these challenging times. You can find the interview here at this link.

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Setting Boundaries For Responsive Sensitive People


For a long time, just like other sensitive people, I searched for ways to make myself feel less. Everyone else thought I shouldn’t be so affected by the world, that it wasn’t normal. And believing that it was abnormal to feel so much, I tried to contain it.  Experiments With Self-Protection I tried to push…

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The Missing Link For Sensitive People

missing link

Sensitive people connect with the energy around them because their nervous systems are designed to operate in a highly engaged way with everything in their environments. This is not a bad thing, in fact, the sensitive person’s awareness can be exceptionally valuable. In order for that to happen, however, sensitive people need a specific type…

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The Unique Frequency Of Sensitive People

sensitive people unique nervous system dragonfly

Sensitive people have a unique nervous system which has an oversized capacity to connect with so much of the energy around them. Like the wings on a dragonfly, our nervous systems can support us with a lot of insight and information. If we cannot use the information we receive, then our nervous systems supersized capabilities…

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Grounding For Sensitive People In These Anxious Times


As highly sensitive people who have railed against being called “too sensitive,” many of us grow up to be overthinkers. We try to control what the future might bring. We try to please others and control other people’s reactions to us, so our own sensitive feelings don’t come peeking out.  And because our sensitive nervous…

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The holiday season can be wonderful. It can be hard, however, to find joy in a world as challenged as our. here are some wise words and perspective from the poet, Mary Oliver about joy. Don’t Hesitate If you suddenly and unexpectedly feel joy, don’t hesitate. Give in to it. There are plenty of lives…

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How To Draw The Line When You Have No Idea Where To Put It

Have you ever felt at a loss when you needed to draw the line with someone? Have you put yourself at a disadvantage when you failed to draw the line because you couldn’t think of a way to do it ? Have you ever felt mistreated when someone drew a line to your disadvantage? Setting boundaries is…

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The Lack Mind: Why It Exists

For centuries, perhaps the entire history of the human race, “not enough” has been a perceptual anchor. Perceptions about enough and not enough form the basis of much prejudice as well as social and economic inequity. Lack is a frame of reference that informs most of human culture and also our judgment of each other.…

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Discernment: The Key Skill For Sensitive People


Sensitive people have access to a huge amount of information because their ever active nervous system picks up on so much. The upside is that there is much we can do. The downside is that unless we develop ways to process what we encounter we can have difficulty navigating the world and finding the success…

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