Clarity Coaching

Let's shed what does not work. It's time for something new that does.

  • Have you been othered for being a female, childless, sensitive, or an empath, or perhaps "different" in some other way?
  • Have you found it difficult to see your values reflected in the world around you and therefore have lost confidence, a sense of purpose, and connection with the world?
  • Has being othered caused you to feel a loss of value, or have you been devalued by others?
  • Have you become drained and exhausted by all of the negativity and hostility around you?
  • Does the unpredictability of a changing world worry you?
  • Do you work hard on your mindset and attitude and find that it does not seem to be enough?
  • Do you want to make your choices work for you no matter what happens around you?
  • Do you believe that life can be beautiful if we explore and consider new options?
  • Do you see that all that is not working in the world is not the best we can do?
  • Would you like to shed what is not working to have more of what you need in your life?
  • Would you like to make life work despite all the challenges going on right now?


If so, we should talk!


I Am Going To Let You In On A Secret

Most of the time, when people are dealing with change, they look at it from an analytical perspective, and a certain amount of analysis is important, of course. They may notice the unhappiness around them, the negativity and anger, the uproar even and want to get away from all of that. No one wants the harm that can come from a time of tremendous change. No one wants the pain, and most of us try to manage our lives to minimize unnecessary pain. This is rational, but we can do better.

What you have to look for and what is especially available during times of great change is a shift in what I call the magic. The magic is that special place where something opens up that was closed before and opens up something in us that was not welcome before. This is especially important right now as the old ways of fear and war are being challenged by a desire for quality of life and thriving. This is the special window where we can align with magical change.

When we align with this place of opening or magic, we can make amazing and important shifts in our lives. At the Magic Of Joy, we do this work through our writing, coaching, Magic Of Joy program, and other offerings.

The easiest way to make the times we live in work for you is to connect your gifts, talents, and interests with the change we are going through.

Being Different Can Be Your Best Asset!

The times we live in will require a total reset of how we live out of necessity if we are to save the planet. Overconsumption will no longer be a viable approach to life. We are going to have to dial back a lot of the human activity that is creating the stresses we are seeing in nature and people. We have to become more practical and down-to-earth and become regrounded.

What I love about these times is that we will be opening up our personal and social space for than rushing around being busy. We will be reducing stress as a result and have more time for self-care. People, community and nature will become more important as more and more people embrace the healing times ahead.

Those who are already working on their healing and seeking a more grounded way of living can thrive during these times. The key is time find the magic in the change and how it connects with the magic in you.

It's Time To Flip The Script!

The times we live in are overwhelming our ability to adapt because so many things are changing in so many ways. No matter how strong you are, you will likely find the changes you are living through daunting.

Some are calling this time the Great Simplification. On the one hand, we have a lot of technological complexity to deal with, but at the same time, environmental challenges require us to simplify. We will have to flip the script of "limitlessness" to one of embracing healthy and even rewarding limits. This brings us a lot of benefits and brings our personal lives under our control in a way they have not been in the past. We will be able to make friends with ourselves instead of fighting ourselves all the time in order to keep up and compete in a world of over 8 billion people.

Anything you can do to make your work and living easier so that you are thriving rather than becoming exhausted is worth considering. The more you can connect the magic of our times with your gifts, the more rewarding a time it can be for you.

At the Magic Of Joy, you can avail yourself of our articles and ebooks for some insights on how to make your life more joy-centered. We also offer the Magic Of Joy program, which is a deep dive into culture, personal sovereignty, and energy mastery. For some, a more specific and individual approach will be the best, and for that, we offer coaching.

When Does Coaching Help?

There are numerous times when you can benefit from coaching:

  • when the complexity in your life makes forward movement difficult
  • when faced with an important decision
  • when going through a transition
  • when you get stuck trying to figure out what to do in a complex situation
  • when you need to release old scripts and programs about who you should or should not be and want to know what to invite instead
  • when you have lingering pain from the past, you want to release so you are available for new living
  • when you want to clean up your energy to make way for new happier, and more supportive energies that you have not had in the past
  • when you need to clear limiting beliefs and reground so you are more effective and happier
  • when you are unclear about what needs to go so you can move on in your life
  • when you have lost the spark in life and want to restore it.

These are all important reasons to get support.

Combining coaching and discernment about culture is a unique strategy for moving forward. 

The Importance Of Discernment

To make life work better for yourself, it helps to get the gist of what you are experiencing or trying to deal with. Too often, we can get stuck in the weeds and struggle to make life work. Having another pair of eyes on the issue is a great way to help yourself.

Discernment is the skill that enables us to understand what we are dealing with so we can then develop strategies that work for us. Discernment includes identifying when past mindsets are interfering with the present. Discernment helps us understand the environments, mindsets, and conditions of the situations we are struggling with. Sometimes we simply need some help. At the Magic Of Joy, we specialize in developing skills in discernment and are happy to support you so that your natural competence and goodness can shine through. You deserve a happy and satisfying life.

Is This Right for You?

We support heart-focused people who have been othered, especially women, those who are childless, and sensitive and empaths in making important, self-honoring changes in their lives. There are many reasons to seek support during a time of change:

  1. Making a shift from an established life. You may be seeking more fulfillment. Perhaps you could not pursue a cherished dream when you were younger or see new opportunities that resonate more with you now.
  2. You may be totally starting over. Perhaps your field is being phased out, or you are experiencing personal changes like divorce.
  3. You may be a childless woman whose life did not follow the traditional path and feel that the changes we are going through mean new possibilities are opening up for you
  4. You may be someone who always felt out of sync but now see a world on a healing path becoming more open to who you are and what you are about.

Whatever your unique story we foster greater fulfillment, more authentic ways of living, clarity about toxic cultural dynamics, freedom from oppressive social narratives, and the energy skills to develop the beautiful, wise energy of a mature and grace-filled human.