Clarity Coaching And Healing

Because it can be hard to see the forest from the trees.

There are numerous times when we can benefit from coaching and healing:

  • when faced with an important decision
  • when going through a transition
  • when we get stuck trying to figure out what to do in a complex situation
  • when we need to release old scripts and programs about who we should or should not be
  • when we have lingering pain from the past, we want to release
  • when we want to clean up our energy to make way for new happier, and more supportive energies that we have not had in the past
  • when we need to clear limiting beliefs.

These are all important reasons to get support.

Combining coaching and healing is a unique strategy for moving you forward.

The Importance Of Discernment

To make life work better for yourself, it helps to get the gist of what you are experiencing or trying to deal with. Too often, we can get stuck in the weeds and struggle to make life work. Having another pair of eyes on the issue is a great way to help yourself.

Discernment is the skill that enables us to understand what we are dealing with so we can then develop strategies that work for us. Discernment includes identifying when past mindsets are interfering with the present. Discernment helps us understand the environments, mindsets, and conditions of the situations we are struggling with. Sometimes we simply need some help. At the Magic Of Joy, we specialize in developing skills in discernment and are happy to support you so that your natural competence and goodness can shine through. You deserve a happy and satisfying life.

                  Why Coaching And Healing Together?

Coaching is superb for identifying steps you can take to achieve a goal. It often identifies perceptions that can be limiting and, by witnessing the mindset in need of change, provides support for change. There are some things that coaching cannot do: it cannot release the inherited mindsets that you have. We are all born into a world with a heritage from the past as part of our biology and energetic being. Healing addresses those issues successfully.

Ready To Make Life Easier?

We offer 45-minute appointments so that you can discuss an important issue that is affecting your life to examine possibilities and develop solutions.

Thank you for signing up for a coaching and healing session. I am excited to help you find new solutions to issues and challenges that you have. Select your date and time. Afterward, you will receive the link for the call and a questionnaire that you need to complete so that I can serve you well during our discussion.