Sensitive Evolution offers courses to help highly sensitive people master their trait and find solutions to their challenges through the use of frameworks. Frameworks are more than paradigms. They apply to all areas of life from identity to cultural structures to health. Frameworks apply to personal development as well.

Because sensitive people are an extremely diverse group of people at different stages of life and with different experiences, the course are designed to help each HSP to discover the tools that will allow for the best use of natural gifts and experience. The courses offer tools, paths and insights that a sensitive person can use to build their own internal library of approaches to living providing them with the natural wisdom that comes with being sensitive while honoring their uniqueness.

There are currently two full courses: The Complete Foundation Course For HSPs and The Whole Self Course For Sensitive People. The Foundation Course is a very big course. For those who want to take their learning one step at a time or are interested in one aspect of the learning in the course The Foundation Course is also available as individual courses. The links are below.

The Complete Foundation Course For Sensitive People


The Foundation Course For Sensitive People is a 146 module program that has 7 sections:

  • The Sensitive Trait
  • Mastering Cultural Contexts
  • Cultural Frameworks
  • Work and Relationship Frameworks
  • Energy Mastery
  • Introduction To Ayurveda

The course delves into the sensitive trait to help you explore the advantages and challenges of the sensitive trait so that you can claim and reframe your sensitivity. Next it explores frameworks about culture so that you have an easier time understanding differences including both the constructive and destructive manifestation of various individual and cultural stages of development to make it easier for you to identify what is yours and what is not.

The next major section is about frameworks related to work and relationships to help you gain perspective and have tools to make smart choices for yourself. Next is an Energy Mastery section covering the biology of energy challenges as well as social energy issues and energy tools for HSPs.  Finally the course provides an Introduction to Ayurveda to help you develop a health plan that can work for you.

The course offers many exploratory exercises to integrate the learning and a secret Facebook Lab for meeting other sensitive people, sharing ideas and support and trying out new ideas. There is a payment plan available and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Details and sign up for The Foundation Course HERE.

The Foundation Course is available as a complete program and also in individual modules. You can explore the individual modules HERE.

The Whole Self Course For Sensitive People


The Whole Self Course is a special course that connects highly sensitive people with a nature based personal development model developed by depth psychologist, Dr. Bill Plotkin. The course explores the difference between egocentric and soulcentric development, covers the soulcentric wheel of development including all of the gifts of each stage, the challenges and tasks of each stage and how they relate to the highly sensitive nature. The course includes exercises as well as a secret Facebook Lab for questions and exploring ideas. There is a payment plan available and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Details and sign up for The Whole Self Course HERE.