The Flow Consultation is a special assessment that helps you understand the optimal way you and others work so that you can structure your life to be at your best and help others do the same. Once you take the assessment, you will receive a lengthy report that you need to review. Most people have many questions afterward and wonder how best to integrate the information into their lives.  That is the purpose of the call.

So once you have taken the assessment, review the report and schedule your call for approximately one week later so that you have time to think about and assimilate what you have learned. The call will be most useful if you develop some goals or focus areas in your life that you want to discuss to apply the Flow Assessment information.

When you schedule your appointment I will be notified and your calendar will be updated. Please note that certain days have been reserved for the consultation calls. If these times are not workable for you, we can make other arrangements. Please email: to do so.

The Flow Assessment can be life changing for people and I look forward to our call.