Focus On Your Feet To Center

focus on your feet

I was never raised to see myself as highly sensitive.
Rather, when my sensitivity reared its head, such as during shopping sprees with mother, when I would feel so tight inside I felt like I could pass out, or with clothes that felt too itchy, tight or uncomfortable, often led to me often being seen as demanding, bossy, or even bratty.

It took me awhile to realize that the “flipping out” episodes I had a child often came from a physical response to something I was experiencing and, unintentionally, was left misunderstood by those around me.

Those tight feelings, which had often been released in various ways when I was younger, were soon repressed and I learned to feel them silently. But, as I became older I allowed my awareness to tune into them again, hearing them, listening to them and learning from them.

The Importance Of Listening

This became more and more important to me as I became a parent as I started to recognize my  sensitivities show up in my children, especially my youngest son. Loud noises, fast paced days, clothes that pinch, hang or itch, even textures of foods can create a jangled feeling about him. Rather than “correcting behaviour”, I can guide him back to grounding so he can learn to inner navigate.

In my work, I help parents tune in to their child’s deeper story, as well as their own. I offer tools to find a sense of balance and in doing so have access to a deeper connection to a child’s inner experience.
Because what I’ve learned is that sensitive natures aren’t a sign of weakness. Rather highly sensitive people are intuitively sensing an unseen path and that path can serve them in the most empathetic and holistic of ways.

Intuitive Knowing Is A Guide

When I look back at my shopping days I know my body was giving me a response to tell me that I wasn’t feeling grounded and centered and I reacted to that feeling. The itchy clothes made me feel uncomfortable, but also out of control for my body’s own comfort, so the response followed.
When you can tune into what the sensitivity is trying to tell you, you can understand a deeper meaning that’s guiding you to a more grounded space.

And if we can offer this deeper understanding to our sensitive children, so they can navigate through their sensitive moments, to listen to what the reaction is truly telling them and find calm in the storm, we are truly offering them a foundation for a happier life.

Focus On The Feet

But, what would I do to help a sensitive child who was shopping with adults with no option to leave?

First, take a few deep breaths, allowing the inhalation to descend deep into your belly and exhalation to release that tight, overwhelmed feeling.
And then, focus on your feet.

One of the first lessons taught in energy healing is “where attention goes, energy flows”. Energy (scientifically and metaphysically) flows from above you, down the top of your head, through your core, and out your feet, grounding you to the earth.  Focusing on your feet, wiggling your toes, feeling a rush of energy flowing through you and directing the current into the ground, shifts the tension from your thoughts, and that heart racing tightness from your heart, and creates inner calm and centre.

This is a tool I use myself, as well as pass on to my clients. In fact, I also encourage parents to focus on their child’s feet in the middle of a tantrum or temper as even with the simple motion of putting their hands near a child’s feet, their attention will start to shift to the ground under their feet, creating balance and stability.

Being highly sensitive in these times can be a true gift, as you are being guided to center.

 Breathe deep, focus on your feet and listen.


About Christina Fletcher

Christina Fletcher is a Spiritually Aware Parent Coach and Energy Healer. She is a homeschooling mom of 3 children (ages 17, 16 and 10) and has lived in Canada, Spain and the UK. Through her work in mindset, mindfulness, energy healing, and conscious parenting Christina shares her passion of seeing each person (adults and children alike) as their truest, deepest versions of themselves, helping them to feel present, authentic and whole through the busyness of the world we live in. She offers her support through 1;1 coaching, self led courses and an online membership program called the Breathing Space for parents. For more information please visit her website Spiritually Aware Parenting, Instagram or Youtube Channel.