How Highly Sensitive People Can Be Successful With Weight Loss

Weight loss can be especially challenging for HSPs. Trying to lose weight can create even more emotional suffering for sensitive souls when we come up against the pervasive cultural judgement about weight. Many of us believe that action leads to results. Being conscientious we keep trying the many different and latest diets that promise weight loss.

Sensitive People Need A Different Approach

Pushing and restriction lead to failure. We push ourselves to follow these often restrictive and self-depriving diets by suppressing the messages from our sensitive bodies. We end up failing and feeling even more out of touch and overwhelmed by our bodies.

The problem with so many weight loss approaches is they are not geared for someone with a sensitive nervous system. Mainstream weight loss focuses on diet, food and exercise. Yet in our heart of hearts we already know deep down that there is an emotional connection with excess weight. A different approach is needed!  The truth is HSP need to do health and wellness differently. Not only are we wired differently, we also have sensitive bodies. This means we need to approach weight loss differently.

Your Sensitive Nature Knows What It Needs

A weight loss solution that works needs to truly support your sensitive nature. Your body also needs to be involved in the decision-making. We already have a key skill for successful weight loss.  As a sensitive, you need to tune into your body and use your body to really inform you. In a sense you are at an advantage because you already have access to your body. Your body is already constantly communicating with you. All you need to do is allow yourself to listen to your body. It will let you know what foods work for you and what environments agree or don’t agree with you.

The Most Important Weight Loss Principle for Sensitives

One of the most important principles for weight loss is developing more self-kindness. We tend to run ourselves ragged by holding ourselves to almost impossible standards. When you add in mindfulness and self-compassion you begin to see the whole world differently. Bringing in these kinds of practices into weight loss is a foundation to tuning in and receiving messages about what you as an individual need to be successful.

Being a sensitive myself, it was only natural that when I turned my attention to losing weight naturally and holistically I would bring in the many factors that I sensed played an important role in weight gain and weight loss resistance.

The Approach That Works For Sensitive People

As I began my research along with my own intuition, I began to put together a whole-person approach to weight loss. By focusing on the whole-person, weight is released more naturally rather than a forced release which often results in regaining the weight when we resume our normal eating habits.

From my experience as a nurse and from a life-long interest in the holistic field I knew that creating a sense of well-being is what we are all looking for. This well-being is the basis of health and vitality. I know from my own journey, that self-compassion and self-acceptance is the starting point for creating a physiology that is conducive to weight release.

As I zeroed in on weight, I began to see my relationship with food and my body was anything but natural, joyful and full of ease. I learned how to reframe my relationship with food. I began to explore my emotional blocks, triggers and limiting beliefs that had kept me locked in a cycle of deprivation alternating with emotional over-eating. The result of my research and personal journey is a program that addresses many of the underlying and hidden factors that not only affects weight but also our sense of well-being and feeling satisfied with our life.

How To Start A Successful Weight Loss Program

If there is one thing that can make a difference to your physiology with regards to weight it is developing a solid practice of creating a sense of loving kindness toward yourself. This is especially important when you notice you are judging yourself. We need to be vigilant about falling into the trap of believing the mainstream approach will work for us. It doesn’t! To earn more, contact Christine at her LinkedIn profile in her bio.

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About Christine Lacedra

Christine Lacedra is an RN, Wellness Coach and Educator. She understands that just focusing on what we eat means underlying imbalances will eventually sabotage long term success. She uses her medical, holistic and personal experience to help conscientious heart-centered and frustrated women unravel what is preventing them from reaching long term success. You can find out more here at Christine Lacedra

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