Keys To Easier Manifesting If You Are Sensitive


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It is very easy to get bogged down when you’re sensitive. This is especially true in the modern world which is overwhelming to the senses. There was a time in the past (and perhaps in our future) when the pace of life was slower and as a result, the processing needs of sensitive people were more naturally accommodated.

The energetic demands of modern life can be very frustrating if you are sensitive which is why developing focus and therefore manifesting can seem difficult.

What You Need If You Are Sensitive

Managing energy and overwhelm are important. However, they may often seem like they do not deliver everything you want and need. Whenever we are feeling inundated we easily become distracted which takes us away from focus and makes refocusing difficult. Because we want to honor our need for integrity by doing the deep work of attention and deep processing, it can seem impossible to get our energies aligned in order to manifest in a way that works for us.

Manifesting requires that we focus on what we want. If we are continually overwhelmed, then we are often focusing on incoming energies from others to a degree that makes it difficult to consider ourselves when we engage with others. The demands of social energy can take so much that we often feel left out of the picture. As a result, we can often feel that we are manifesting what others want and not necessarily what is right for us.

Keys To Manifesting If You Are Sensitive

There are a number of keys to manifesting. Two that are especially important are:

  • knowing what you want
  • clearing limiting beliefs.

If you are sensitive it is especially important to know what you want and what you want to create. Although it is true for all people, it is especially true for sensitive people so that they do not get overwhelmed by the demands and desires of others. It also makes setting boundaries easier, when you know where you want to invest your energies.

It is therefore critical for your well-being and happiness that you take the time to decide on what you want. It may be especially difficult right now given all of the challenges and needs we can identify as worthy investments of our time and energy. Nonetheless, the more you can focus on what is yours in the grand scheme of manifesting the easier it will be to support your sensitivity and also create a life that works and satisfies you.

The second exceptionally important requirement is to clear limiting beliefs that can cause you to feel unworthy, inadequate, guilty, or ashamed of what you want. Every one of us is deserving and you are no different. You are as worthy a human being as anyone else. Social messaging is highly inaccurate and too often does not reflect the reality of our worth. When you clear limiting beliefs, you make space for your desires, so these two requirements support each other in making it easier for you to create what you want. I hope you will provide yourself with the opportunity to create more of what you want in life in 2022.

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About Maria Hill

Maria Hill is the founder of Sensitive Evolution. She is the author of The Emerging Sensitive: A Guide For Finding Your Place In The World. In addition, she has created the immersive Emerging Sensitive Program using cultural and personal development frameworks to help sensitive people master their sensitivity and turn it into the asset it can be. She also offers The Magic Of Joy program for quantum healing and the Emerging Sensitive Community focused on living in the world as a sensitive person and navigating the challenging cultural shifts of our times. She is a longtime meditator, reiki master, student of alternative health and Ayurveda. Maria is a Certified Theta Healer and certified in Spiral Dynamics. She is an abstract painter whose portfolio can be found at Infinite Shape and also very interested in animal and human rights and the environment.


  1. Preston on January 24, 2022 at 8:18 am

    Bless you for this, and for the encouragement.

    • maria hill Maria Hill on January 24, 2022 at 8:29 am

      You are welcome. ❤️


  2. Jenny on January 24, 2022 at 10:13 am

    I needed this today. Thanks, Maria!!

    • maria hill Maria Hill on January 24, 2022 at 10:36 am

      Happy to help!


  3. Hilary on January 24, 2022 at 1:57 pm

    I so much needed to hear this right now! And yes could really do with more joy manifesting. Thank you Maria,

    • maria hill Maria Hill on January 24, 2022 at 2:02 pm

      I hope you are well Hilary. We have a community starting next week on Manifesting that could be helpful for you. Check it out.