Marketing is the achilles heel for many highly sensitive entrepreneurs (HSEs) and business people. Even sensitive people who are employed fear marketing. Since we all have to market ourselves and our services, this is a serious issue. Many sensitive people are self employed in order to manage their sensitivity and financial needs, but avoid marketing because it brings them discomfort and even pain. Have you ever wondered why almost every highly sensitive person fears marketing?

How Marketing Triumphalism Creates Problems For HSPs

What is marketing triumphalism? It is the attitude that there is only one worthy way to market, everything else is inferior. It belongs to a competitive, conquering mindset. This one way of marketing comes from a dominant business culture which is non-HSP. To succeed in it the entrepreneur is expected to:

  • Present their product or service as the best choice, even when they know this isn’t true
  • Appear as if they know all the answers all the time, even when they don’t
  • Care only about their own bottom line, even if this means being dishonest or harming others

Not surprisingly this form of marketing is very difficult for any highly sensitive person, employed or self-employed–it feels manipulative, disingenuous, and egocentric. And it is! Being naturally more aware of negative energy and its costs, we simply cannot bring ourselves to market this way.

Unfortunately, in triumphalism non-conformists are severely punished–they are devalued, rejected, and perceived as failures which causes HSPs to develop a severe fear of marketing.

But the good news is once you know these marketing fears are a result of triumphalism you can heal and transform them.

Overcome Your Marketing Fears

Here are 3 ways to beat triumphalism and heal your marketing fears.

  1. Decide you will no longer let competitive, triumphalist thinking sway your marketing decisions. Simply making this decision will make you more aware of triumphalist pressures and become less likely to give into them.
  2. You are already clear about what you don’t want, now choose what you do want. Ask yourself, “What kind of experience do I want to create in my marketing?” What kind of experience do you want your customers to have? Then commit to taking action that will fulfill your ideas.
  3. Investigate and surround yourself with entrepreneurs whose marketing you trust and respect. This will not only constantly remind you that don’t have to market in the triumphalist way, but also inspire and encourage you to create the type of marketing you want. Best of all it will also make it easier to withstand any punishment triumphalists give you for nonconformity.

Marketing in a way that honors your desires and values will help you create more inner ease, peace, and satisfaction. Your honoring approach to marketing and your customers will stand out so they will then be more likely to work with you. At the same time you are leading your customers through a more caring and uplifting marketing experience, one that may end up giving them the exact nudge they need to make positive changes in their lives.

Move Forward With New Marketing Approaches

Here is what you learned:

  1. You now know that your fear of marketing comes from the dominant culture’s marketing triumphalism
  2. You can recognize when this triumphalist thinking ignites your fears
  3. You have some ideas for how to heal these fears

Now that you know that beating triumphalism will heal your fears, you also need to learn what to do to turn this fear into confidence. Download my free masterclass where I show you exactly how to do this.


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