Sensitive Evolution Guest Author Program

Sensitive Evolution is a comprehensive website covering the highly sensitive trait as well as the health and personal development challenges of HSPs. It also provides information to help highly sensitive people with their emotional heath and social challenges. Sensitive Evolution has an alternative health focus so that highly sensitive people can take charge of their health, become stronger and more resilient and ultimately blossom into their full potential.

In order to write for Sensitive Evolution so that everyone benefits, please follow these guidelines:

  1. the article has to relate directly to the highly sensitive person. It has to be about your experience as a highly sensitive person, how you have solved a problem as a highly sensitive person, or how you have helped a highly sensitive person solve their problems or heal in some way.
  2. like many HSP websites, our purpose is to help highly sensitive people become stronger, healthier and  lead more fulfilling lives. All articles must share that objective.
  3. please offer examples of a situation to use as a healing strategy so HSP readers can visualize how they could implement it themselves.
  4. these are the subjects we are interested in:
    • the experience of being a highly sensitive person, including issues around identity, overstimulation and sensory processing
    • research on the highly sensitive trait
    • the experience of being a highly sensitive person in relationships including handling boundary issues
    • improving self worth
    • the experience of abuse as a highly sensitive person and abuse recovery
    • healing anxiety and depression as a highly sensitive person
    • handling negative energy
    • healing techniques to transform negative experiences
    • psychic protection techniques
    • energy healing techniques that help detox the nervous systems of HSP’s
    • managing stress levels for highly sensitive people: experiences and solutions
    • healthy work environments and work choices for highly sensitive people
    • success stories in any area of HSP life including improving health, handling stress, developing emotional resilience and social confidence, handling energy issues and handling invalidation and rejection.
    • examples of highly sensitive conditions that were helped by alternative health remedies.
  5. articles must be unique (Google frowns on duplicate content) and minimum length is 500 words.
  6. links to your website and social media accounts are to be placed in your author bio.

Sensitive Evolution is very active in social media. All posts are promoted extensively on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. We also syndicate content to other aggregators.

In order to make posting a good experience for you and the reader, we ask that all guest writers respond to comments on their posts.

We would love to hear from you about your interest in highly sensitive people and how you would like to add your wisdom and insights to Sensitive Evolution. To apply, please email Sensitive Evolution here with:

  1. your name
  2. website url
  3. your relationship with the HSP trait: expert, therapist, healer, parent, you are one etc.
  4. what topics you want to write about
  5. some specific article headlines
  6. a representative writing sample.