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Welcome the Sensitive Evolution Library. You will find a lot of information about the highly sensitive trait and resources that you can use. Visit the sections below to find what you are looking for.

Overview Of Sensitive People

Sensitive People
Traits Of Sensitive People
Different Types Of Sensitive People
Sensory Processing Challenges

The DOES Model Of Elaine Aron

The DOES Model
Depth Of Processing
Emotional Reactivity
Sensing The Subtle

Emotional And Social Health

Emotional Health

Emotional Health
Emotional Problems
Emotions And Values
Emotional Healing
Emotional Intelligence

Social Health

Interpersonal Relationships And HSPs
Healthy Relationships
Abusive Relationships
Relationship Boundaries
Codependent Relationships
Social Anxiety
Cultural Anxiety
Coping With Social Anxiety
Definition Of Bullying
Signs Of Bullying
How To Deal With Bullying
Bullying Resources


Stress: General Information

Stress And Sensitive People
Types Of Stress
Biochemistry Of Stress: Cortisol
Daily Biorhythm And Stress
Stress And Free Radicals
Treatment Resistant Depression
The Importance Of Slowing The Biological Clock
Situational Depression
Long Term Effects Of Stress On Health
Recovery From Child Abuse
Stress Overload And HSPs
Natural Anxiety Treatment With Ayurveda
Short Term Mental Stress Relief
Chronic Stress Reduction Techniques


Types Of Depression
Causes Of Depression
Treatments For Depression
Ayurveda For Depression
Natural Depression Treatments
Depression Resources

Physical Health


Natural Healing
Healing Through Ayurveda
Vata Dosha
Pitta Dosha
Kapha Dosha
Energy Healing
The Importance Of Exercise
Healing Herbs For Highly Sensitive People

Sensitive Evolution Library Resources

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Stress Relief Resources
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