Depression Resources

There are so many great depression resources available. This is a list of some of the depression resources available on the internet.

Depression Resources: Government

National Institutes of Mental Health The mental health arm of National Institutes of Health in Maryland, offers a substantive page on depression, what it is and how to treat it.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: established in 1992 by Congress, SAMHSA works to prevent and reduce substance abuse and to make sure effective treatment strategies are available.

PubMedHealth: Major Depression  PubMedHealth is part of the US National Library of Medicine at NIH, National Institutes of Health. They have a very useful page on depression.

Depression Resources: Medical Online Resources

WebMD: Depression very comprehensive site on depression covering the basic information and also a lot of tips, and questions and answers.

Wikipedia: Major Depressive Disorder: If you want a deep exploration of major depressive disorder, this page is for you. It covers definition, symptoms, depression in different age groups, causes and speculation about the evolutionary and adaptive origins of depression as well as different types of the disorder and various treatments. Depression: good all purpose depression resource.

Help Guide: Depression: comprehensive depression resource with information about depression and other illnesses.

New York Times Health Guide: Depression good resource with a lot of basic information and links to many associations.

Depression Resources: Associations

National Mental Health Association: leading organization dedicated to mental health with more than 320 affiliates nationwide.

American Psychological Association the largest association of psychologists in the world with more than 154,000 members, it offers education, information and advocacy for psychology in the US.

American Psychiatric Association founded in 1844, APA is a medical specialty organization advocating for psychiatrists and quality psychiatric care.

Depression and Related Disorders Association DRADA is a non-profit organization offering information about depressive disorders including many book reviews related to depressive illness.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill founded in 1979, NAMI is a grassroots advocacy group for the mentally ill.

Depression and BiPolar Support Alliance great depression resources for people suffering from depression and bipolar illnesses, including education and advocacy.

National Foundation for Depressive Illness an international foundation for research and education related to depressive illness. It seeks to prevent depression, provide effective treatment and remove the stigma associated with the condition.

Depression Resources: Support Groups

Daily Strength: Depression Support Group Daily Strength is a well known and popular resource for illness support.

Psych Central: Depression Support this forum covers many life challenges for depression sufferers, including work issues, suicide, and postpartum depression. It also offers success stories.

Beating the Beast: Online Depression Support Group  well organized, comprehensive forum on depression and related disorders.

Broken Smiles: Online Support Group for Depression and other Disorders Including Self Harm another depression support forum which also covers topics like stress and anxiety.

Emotions Anonymous a 12 step program to help people achieve emotional health modeled on Alcoholics Anonymous.

Depression Resources: Blogs

Storied Mind John Folk-Williams highly regarded blog about depression. He cover the illness, relationships and work. He has a great store with good books that can help with depression.

A Beautiful Revolution well-known blog that has doodle art related to mental illness. Some funny art.

A Splintered Mind humorous and honest blog about depression and ADHD.

The Pursuit of Happiness another good blog about the experience of depression. The author has tried numerous remedies, so it is a useful resource for considering alternative healing approaches.

Depression On My Mind Christine Stapleton’s blog on Psych Central covers many associated illnesses and the challenges of living with depression.

Jump Starting a life with a Little Spark to the Head: ECT Chronicles if  you want to know more about electro shock treatment, this blog can help.

Depression Marathon a blog by a woman who has battled depression and who is also a runner. She is winning at changing herself to a healthier person; her blog is about her journey.

My Postpartum Voice a blog dedicated to helping people through the unhappiness of having postpartum depression.