Exercise Resources

This exercise resource list focuses on a few different types of fitness programs that can be good for highly sensitive people.

There is a wealth of exercise choices; this exercise resource list does not tackle the mind boggling number of aerobic, weight training programs and workout videos. There are certainly many viable approaches to exercise, but unfortunately, too many to mention here.

The exercise resources listed below were chosen because

  1. they are relatively gentle
  2. they can be made challenging and/or offer a progression of developmental steps or phases
  3. they support holistically the whole body.

They are: walking, yoga, Core Performance and NIA.

Exercise Resources: Walking

For HSPs new to exercise, walking can be a very gentle and positive way to get the body moving.

  1. The Walking Site is one good website for walking. It offers a very easy to use navigation system, and complete basic information.
  2. Wendy Bumgardner has another helpful website for walking. She is a certified marathon coach and a Ledi Nordic Walking Instructor. WendyBumgardner’s Walking Website
  3. Another website Map My Walk is a beautiful site for people who are interested in social walking.  Map My Walk
  4. Chi Walking is an interesting walking program that is designed to use the biomechanics of the body to enable the exerciser to achieve fitness with the least amount of effort and still achieve a quality result. Because of this approach, it may be an excellent choice for HSPs. Chi Walking

Exercise Resources: Yoga

Yoga is a centuries old form of exercise can be very gentle or very demanding, and along with walking the exercise of choice of Ayurveda. Yoga, because it trains the body and the mind is an excellent form of exercise.

There are many schools of yoga which include hatha, a gentle and popular form of yoga, vinyasa or breath synchronized yoga, kundalini yoga which works with body’s chakras or energy centers and newer forms such as the demanding power yoga.

This list is few exercise resources to kick start your investigation of this great form of self care:

  1. Yoga Journal is the premier yoga magazine and a great resource for all things yoga.  Yoga
  2. A2ZYoga has a great website for beginners or explorers covering all the different types of yoga and what they can do for you under their FAQ’s. A2ZYoga
  3. The Yoga Site has resources, directories and some good articles. The Yoga Site
  4. Special Yoga is a website for children with developmental disabilities including autism and ADD, which applies to many HSPs.  Special Yoga
  5. The Yoga Alliance is a resource for standards  for teachers and schools of yoga.  Yoga Alliance

Yoga is a centuries old form of exercise can be very gentle or very demanding and along with walking is the exercise of choice of Ayurveda.

Exercise Resources: Core Performance

Core Performance is integral exercise designed to create strength and flexibility. I can be done at home, in a gym and on the road. It is good for someone seeking athletic training or someone ready for a demanding sports oriented program, although it can a good basic exercise program. It offers tools for diet, exercise selection, progress tracking and products for the exercises. Core Performance

Exercise Resources: Nia

The new and increasingly popular NIA, is designed to make exercise natural easy and fun. It is an amazingly complete system of exercises designed for total body fitness as well as mind-body integration.

It integrates the healing practices of yoga, Alexander Technique and Feldenkreis, the martial arts disciplines of t’ai chi, tae kwon do and aikido, and the modern, Duncan and jazz dance modalities.

NIA seeks the path of least resistance which means working with the body and nature, and learning to listen to what the body is asking for and needing. NIA is wonderful exercise because it brings joy to the exercise experience and creates a positive relationship between the exerciser and the body. It has many five levels of training from white belt to black belt. Nia

Starting an Exercise Program

Highly sensitive people can begin an exercise program that suits them fairly easily. Since many HSPs like to keep complexity to a minimum, these programs would suitable for HSPs although the Core Performance program is more athletically oriented. Walking is a great way to start.