Highly sensitive people have been treated as if there is something wrong with them for a long time when in fact, they are among the most caring, conscientious and creative people on the planet.

As the downsides of our current cultural model become increasingly apparent and the need for serious change becomes more accepted,  many people will be seeking a different perspective, new skills and even an adjustment in values. If there is one thing that sensitive people have, it is a different perspective. They also have a compassionate view, which is what is needed during times of change - challenging periods which are usually hard for everyone.

For those who are sensitive or living with and supporting sensitive people, here is a list of some of the important websites and blogs that can help you discover more about this important human trait. Whether you are highly sensitive or know someone who is, these individuals here help sensitive people value who they are and support those who live and work with them.

Researchers On The Sensitive Trait


There are many wonderful and important websites offering information on the sensitive person. This list, however, includes only websites dedicated to the sensitive person. They are listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Elaine Aron  Elaine Aron, Ph.D is the psychologist whose groundbreaking book, The Highly Sensitive Person, put a name on a characteristic that had eluded definition. She is responsible for a lot of the research into the highly sensitive trait. Her website features her research and insights into the sensitive trait, information about her books  as well as many resources. Website
  2. Esther Bergma  Esther Bergsma, MA, is a frequent speaker on high sensitivity in the Netherlands. She is an author, trainer, scientific researcher and expert on high sensitivity. She wrote the book Hoogsensitieve Kinderen (Highly Sensitive Children) and  Het Hoogsensitieve Brein, is about the Highly Sensitive Brain and offers a unique insight in the functioning of the brain and the daily problems sensitive people encounter. Website
  3. Dr. Jadzia Jagiellowicz Jadzia is a researcher into the sensitive trait and also offers coaching and educational presentations about the trait. Website

Therapists For Sensitive People

  1. Barbara Allen-Williams is a therapist, trainer and coach for sensitive people and sensitive professionals. Based in the UK, she founded the National Centre for High Sensitivity. Website
  2. Tom Falkenstein runs the European Centre for High Sensitivity providing information and psychotherapeutic support for people who are highly sensitive. He provides a consultation for those who simply want to find out whether they are highly sensitive or who want to know more about their trait and also provides psychotherapeutic support for people who are highly sensitive. Website
  3. Alane Freund is a trained therapist  with extensive experience working with sensitive people. She has created unique programs for highly sensitive people which she offers through Heart and Mind Equine. Her specialty is family therapy and education with and about highly sensitive people. Website
  4. Imi Lo of Eggshell Therapy and Coaching specializes in clinical psychotherapy and  art therapy, is the author of Emotional Intensity and Sensitivity, and hosts the Eggshell Transformations Podcast. She connects art, psychology, and spirituality in a unique healing practice for sensitive people. Website
  5. Clare Myatt  is a Master Somatic coach specializing in trauma-shame-addiction with a focus on sensitive people like her. Her book, Love & Imperfection: A Therapist’s Story, explores shame and addiction. Website
  6. Brooke Nielsen is a marriage and family therapist with advanced training in trauma therapy (EMDR) to help sensitive people heal from trauma. She supports sensitive people through her Intuitive Warrior Community. Website
  7. Arianna Smith is a licensed mental health practitioner and coach. She specializes in inspiring and guiding sensitive people so that they can turn their sensitivity into an asset and create a fulfilling life. Website
  8.  April Snow is a psychotherapist who specializes in helping highly sensitive introverts understand their gifts so they can function optimally.  Website

Therapy/Coaching For Sensitive Children

  1. Susanne De Munck Mortier Susanne is the founder of the International HSP Center where she coaches and educates children, adults and professionals in Italy, The Netherlands and via global virtual connection. She guides parents with sensitive children who struggle in education and who want to be seen, heard, understood and accepted for who they truly are. Susanne was an elementary teacher and also has experience in special education.  Website
  2. Annet de Zwart is a coach based in the Netherlands. She offers a core energy coaching process  that lets you look at yourself at a deeper level to find new motivations and  integrate the insights into your life. Website
  3. Christina Fletcher is a coach and energy worker who focuses on helping parents find their heart center, to transform their sensitivity into a superpower. Website
  4. Jeanette Folan is an integrative health coach specializing in highly sensitive people. She has developed a playful and imaginative coaching style for working with sensitive children and teens. She is the author of Diary of A Teenage Empath,  and Discovering the Power of Sensitivity. She has also developed an accredited HSP program for mental health professionals with Dr. Wendy Nickerson of the Nickerson Institute. Website
  5. Melissa Schwartz Melissa is a respected expert in the field of highly sensitive children and brings clarity, personal experience, and compassion for parents raising sensitive children so they can thrive in a desensitized world. With her mother she guides parents toward a humans and nourishing way of working with their highly sensitive child.  Website
  6. Megghan Thompson is a licensed professional mental health and play therapist She has been working with sensitive children, teens and their families for 10 years through her private practice in Maryland with a special focus on life-threatening behaviors.  Website
  7. Sonali Vongchusiri is a parent coach and founder of the Raising Your Strong-Willed Child series. Her passion is supporting parents to return to a form of parenting that restores trust, connection, confidence and delight in themselves and their relationship with their child. Website

Sensitive Men

  1. Dr. Tracy Cooper   Tracy Cooper is a leading expert in sensory processing sensitivity and the sensation-seeking characteristic. He has written Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career and Thrill: The High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person. Tracy is one of three featured teachers at the Weekend for Highly Sensitive Men Workshop at 1440 Multiversity in 2020 and working on a film about sensitive men. Website
  2. William Allen William Allen has had a diverse career in the IT world, Hypno-coaching and neurofeedback brain training business, and in late 2016, he began his blog, The Sensitive Man, about his experiences, as a highly sensitive man, which became the genesis of his first book, Confessions of a Sensitive Man. His new book, On Being a Sensitive Man, is the follow-up book, which focuses on how to live in the world as a sensitive man. He feels that HSP males need to take their keen insights and intuition and make them public. He would like to shed more light on highly sensitive males and the much-needed role they need to take in our society. He is a leader in making that happen by offering an HSP Men's Group for men to get together and support each other.
  3. Peter Messerschmidt is one of the first bloggers to write about the highly sensitive trait; he began in 2002. He is one of several highly sensitive men who are open about their sensitivity and work to help other sensitives make their journey to acceptance and success. Peter's blog offers many insights and is rich in resources for highly sensitive people. Website
  4. Dr. Ted Zeff (now deceased) was an important voice for sensitive men. He is the author of  The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival GuideThe Highly Sensitive Person’s Companion, and The Strong, Sensitive Boy. His site offers articles, tips, workshops, and coaching opportunities.

Empath Experts

  1. Dr. Judith Orloff , the author of Emotional Freedom, is a psychiatrist who specializes in emotional healing with an emphasis on mind-body integration and relationship management for intuitives and empaths. Dr. Orloff offers numerous articles and videos, has her own blog and blogs for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today. She lectures frequently and provides many resources on her website. Website

Sensitive Coaches

  1. Alyssa Adams  is a psychologist and intuitive business coach. She specializes in helping sensitive entrepreneurs overcome overwhelm so they can grow their business with ease and create a life of freedom and purpose. Alyssa loves helping entrepreneurs with big feelings to create success while building emotional “grit.” Website
  2.  Ane Axford is a psychotherapist and coach who offers a wealth of information about high sensitivity, courses, and resources for coping with the challenges of the sensitive trait. As a creative person, she offers a creative perspective to working with sensitivity Website
  3. Denise Dryden is an extroverted sensitive and empath with the unique perspectives of being a historian, educator, and metaphysician. She is a coach practice supporting parents and young sensitive adults while offering a unique perspective on the rise of the ‘Energetically Sensitive’. Website
  4. Caroline Ferguson is a mindset trainer and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist helping sensitive individuals overcome self-sabotaging beliefs and habits. Her specialty is working with the 30% of sensitive people who are also high sensations seekers (HSP+HSS), whom she affectionately calls “Sensitive Upstarts”. Website
  5. Maria Hill has developed a comprehensive platform for the personal development of sensitive people. Her specialty is overcoming the disconnect that sensitive people have with non-HSPs and cultural systems that are dissonant. She provides many resources including a library, blog, radio station and health section. She wrote the popular book, The Emerging Sensitive: How To Find Your Place In the World and developed the transformative Emerging Sensitive Program and the Emerging Sensitive Movie Club, a private community for sensitive people seeking greater influence in the world. Website
  6. Bevin Niemann has been passionate about conscious leadership for twenty years, since she accepted her very first role as a supervisor. She’s been a mentor, coach and trainer for college interns, early to mid-career employees, entrepreneurs and senior managers. She is also the founder of the Global Cooperative for Sensitive Leaders and The Guild of Perceptive Souls. Website
  7. Mary Kay Parkinson is an energy healer and life coach based in Maryland. Mary Kay is a highly trained psychologist, energy healer and coach in spiritual development. She has a BA in Psychology, and has studied at the Center for Intentional LivingBarbara Brennan School of Healing , the Bert Hellinger Institute USA, and the Potomac Massage Training Institute. Website
  8. Amber Rochelle is an intuitive life coach and expert on sensitivity. She is devoted to helping highly sensitive women thrive in an often insensitive world. Known as “The Sensitive Badass®”, Amber’s mission is to change the narrative in our culture around the word “sensitive” and to lead sensitive souls to a place of empowerment. Website
  9. Jacquelyn Strickland is one of the founders of the Sensitive Movement and founded Lifeworks her program for sensitive people. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach and workshop leader, and a certified trainer in the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory. She is particularly well-known for her HSP Gatherings, which are annual tribal meetings for highly sensitive people to meet each other and learn more about the trait. Website
  10. Patricia Young is a life coach for sensitive people and hosts the podcast Unapologetically Sensitive. She challenges ideas around perfectionism by sharing her struggles in her own life and helping other sensitive people find the gem in their nature. Website

Sensory Processing Disorder Specialists

  1. Sharon Heller is the author of Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight, a book which discusses "sensory processing disorder" a term for the condition where the brain processes sensory information differently (but is different from the sensitive trait). Visit her website for more information and other books she has written. Website
  2. Rachel S. Schneider is a Sensory Processing Disorder advocate and the award-winning author of Making Sense: A Guide to Sensory Issues, and Sensory Like You: A Book For Kids With SPD By Adults With SPD .  Her third book, a guide for teens with SPD will be published in 2020. Website

Other Resources For Sensitive People

There are other excellent websites that can be of value to sensitive people.

  1. Peter Amerlaan has an important website for highly sensitive people who want to advance their careers. HSP In Business has a strong community on LinkedIn, and Facebook. Website
  2. Thomas Eldridge has compiled one of the largest repositories of resources related to sensitivity. His site is a go-to website for resources of all kinds for people seeking ways to handle their different nature. Website Website
  3. Susan Cain  wrote the bestselling book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. It captures the essence of being introverted and the differences between extroverts and introverts with a focus on her experience as an introverted attorney and offers an important perspective on work as an introvert. Website

The sites listed above have been created by people with intimate knowledge of the HSP experience who have developed tools, strategies, and resources to handle their own sensitivity challenges as well as help others.

There is no substitute for the wisdom of direct experience in understanding sensitivity. All of these websites offer that and more.