Health Resources


There are many ways for sensitive people to improve their health through holistic healing and stress relief.

This health resources section offers tips for reducing stress and improving health through natural tools to create an effective health program.

The first step is to ask the question:

What are my most pressing challenges?

  1. physical sensitivities?
  2. a specific disease?
  3. daily chaos?
  4. a need for effective daily habits or health regimen?
  5. mental stress?

It is important to decide where your most pressing problem is and also assess your greatest long-term needs and if possible work on both.  Health resources can help with both short and long term solutions and many conditions and illnesses.

Getting Started with Health Resources

Medication and herbal strategies can be very helpful for short-term interventions on an illness:

  • the energy healing of reiki is great for any problem. Reiki is a discipline that can be self-administered which makes it a wonderful form of self-help.
  • meditation is great for mental stress and overall energy well-being.
  • Ayurveda helps eliminate imbalances that add to HSP stress and illness.
  • exercise helps to create a feeling of strength and resilience which will help sustain you throughout your health program and daily work.
  • herbal remedies relieve many symptoms, help you detox and strengthen the immune system.

Using different healing approaches is a way to put health resources to work on a wide variety of fronts. It can be better to do so that rely on one method of healing for support.

There is a lot of information about stress and health online.  Many tips for reducing stress are oriented toward the non-HSP.

Highly sensitive people need more than short-term intervention and need to combine herbal and other medications with lifestyle improvements that will offer them the greatest chance for long-term health and well-being.  The best tips for reducing stress and improving health offer help without side effects.