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Time Issues For Highly Sensitive People

Hurry up!  Hurry up! Do you ever feel that many people around you are too quick and too impatient? I know that I do. It’s a weird problem, because as slow as HSPs may seem to non-HSPs, non-HSPs seem superficial to HSPs. It can be a challenge to handle it. Time Issues: A Conflict For…

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Why You Can Afford To Lose Control

Does losing control scare you? Do you see not having control as a weakness? Do you receive criticism and negative feedback when you make a mistake and are “out-of-control? What Is Control? Given how much attention and pain are associated with control, what is it exactly? According to The Free Dictionary, control is the ability…

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Those Pesky Boundaries

Fuzzy boundaries? Boundaries are one of the biggest challenges facing highly sensitive people. They can be a source of aggravation and unhappiness. There are many reason why boundary issues are a problem for us, some having to do with us and others having to do with the world. It would help if we could get…

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Easy Steps To Keep Perfectionism From Running Your Life

Do you ever feel up a tree because you are imperfect in a world that wants perfection? Have you ever wondered why many people around you want and expect perfection Does perfectionism drag you down? Does it feel like a constant unhappy nag? Most of us feel that way some if not all of the time. It is…

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Say Good-Bye To The Pain Body

Does pain seem to have a life of its own? Do you ever wonder why that is? What Is The Pain Body? Everything that lives wants to continue living. The pain body is a part of us and like everything else wants to go on living. So says Eckhart Tolle in this article courtesy of Detoxify…

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I Love My Cat’s Life

I adore my cat and how she lives. I have often wondered why the way we live is so different. So many people think animals are not as smart as we are but I remain unconvinced. I see the soul in her eyes, the living being that is no different. My cat takes life in stride. Why…

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5 Ways That Meditation Is Changing My Life

I had no expectations from my meditation. I started my practice 20 years ago after having moved from New Jersey to Virginia. We were living in an old farmhouse on a large farm when I happened to see a presentation by Deepak Chopra on PBS about meditation. I was very curious. When it aired again,…

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How Does Stress Become A Stress Disorder?

 How does stress become a stress disorder? We all suffer from stress which is a natural part of life.  Our challenging culture and busy lives are so ingrained that we have become too accepting of stressors so that we may minimize their effects. Stress has many damaging consequences that are easy to overlook: Stress effects…

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