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Separating Ambition And Greed

Ambition and greed are often thought of as the same thing. They are not easy concepts for highly sensitive people and can be a source of pain and unhappiness. Greed Does Not Work For Highly Sensitive People Greed does not work as a life strategy for most highly sensitive people. Part of the reason is…

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How To Beat Triumphalism And Heal Emotional Wounds

Emotional wounds are very difficult to heal. They are even harder for highly sensitive people to recover from. Have you ever wondered why that is? What Happens To Emotional Wounds? What is an emotional wound? An emotional wound is damage to our spirit and therefore our life force. It is an attack on our heart and soul. When…

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Is The Quick Fix Killing Us?

Is the quick fix killing us? Until the capitalistic system emerged which harnessed nature to satisfy unmet human needs, the history of the human race had been a history of poverty and misery. Our current economic system came into being to solve the problem of poverty and now it seems to be returning us to poverty.…

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Is Poverty A Fault?

Do you ever feel that it is wrong to be poor? Do you sometimes feel that to be poor is a mark of failure? Several days ago I read an article by Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed In America, that challenges the common views in the United States about wealth and poverty. She demonstrates…

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The End Of Economic Man

Who is economic man? Economic man is a human creation, an identity we invented to serve a specific purpose. Economic Man And The Age Of Enlightenment Many people think that with the Enlightenment we invented freedom. That is a myth. What we really invented was what I call “economic man” or the identity suited to…

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Why Is Generosity So Difficult?

Generosity is something we all want and often struggle with. Why is that? Ambivalence About Generosity We tend to respond to generosity with warmth, happiness and joy. We also naturally respond to stinginess with repulsion, hurt and fear. Of course negative experiences can cause us to have more complicated feelings. However we need to function…

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The Wound Of Materialism

Materialism destroys our environment as this picture shows. It also destroys so much more. It destroys our humanity. Every society defines its purposes and priorities. There was a time when the material side of life was extremely lacking and improving the human standard of living was a necessary and important goal. So the Western world,…

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A Holiday Wish

It has been a strange holiday season this year.  Perhaps because of the mercury retrograde or perhaps because of all the change in the air. For me, it has been a season of thinking, this time about appreciation.  No, not the why don’t they appreciate me whine.  Something different. I was thinking about our current…

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