The Value Of Mistakes

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Mistakes are a no-no, even a taboo. That is unfortunate because they are very important and necessary. Without errors, you cannot be in touch with and claim your own power. Embracing failure is important if you want to come into your own as an HSP. The Hidden Benefit Of Mistakes … Read More

Humility And Creativity

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Creativity and creative people are often revered especially in the arts. Unfortunately, we often put creative people on pedestals when creativity is natural to all of us. If we realize how important humility is to the creative process we might find that being creative is something that is available to … Read More

Are Passion And Creativity The Same Thing?

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Do you think passion is important? Do you think that creativity requires passion? These are important questions because many people think that creativity requires passion and that without passion, creativity is impossible. Does Passion Help Creativity Many people think that passion is necessary for creativity to occur.¬†However, we need to … Read More