Are You A Sensitive INFP?

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash I n our memories, some experiences from our childhood stand out in stark relief. Something about them made an impression on us. Something about them was charged with a feeling that we then carry into our lives, consciously or unconsciously. A Sensitive INFP And Not Fitting In For me,…

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Let The Creative Process Help You To Achieve Your Goals

Photo by Alina Belous on Unsplash  Do you get stuck when trying to move forward? Do you create but find that you still flounder or lose your momentum? Do you wish you could find an easier way to make the life that you seek? Why It Helps To Embrace The Creative Process Creating can be…

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The Secret Benefit of Emotional Healing

Are you stuck in your emotional healing? Do you keep falling down? Do you ever wonder what there is for you when your healing is complete? Does Emotional Healing Ever End? Emotional healing can seem like a never ending process for a reason. Emotional healing focuses on a problem: you are the problem your parents…

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How An Empathetic Nature Can Block Creativity

Photo by Vika Wendish on Unsplash We HSPs are famous for our empathetic nature. We are also often creative. Often we are also creatively blocked. Is there a relationship? Can our empathetic nature get in the way of creativity and block it? Empathy Is Precious I personally treasure empathy. Not just for its humanitarian value,…

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The Importance Of Uselessness

Photo by Jonathan Fink on Unsplash Being useless feels awful. Being useful feels good, doesn’t it? It is nice to feel valued and know we are valued. It helps us to feel secure. It also means we are supported by others and that we are welcome in the world. Is There A Stigma For Uselessness?…

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How Tolerance Makes Us Smarter


I was reading an article recently that discussed how many people want what they want but have little curiosity about how what they want is created. Although that is a huge generalization, it made we wonder about some of the costs to ourselves of our fast, highly mechanized society. The High Cost Of Machines I…

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Duality And The Mastery Of The Exquisite


Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash Duality is something that many of us embrace as a way to develop perceptual sophistication. You know… …love vs. hate… …light vs. dark… …yin vs. yang… …good vs. bad… …masculine vs. feminine… It’s a start! Duality Can Be Like Fool’s Gold Discovering duality can be exciting. It is a…

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A Reexamination Of Comfort Zones And Creativity

comfort zones

Being in one’s comfort zone or not has become an easy marker or diagnosis of what we are doing wrong. It can be useful unless we turn it into a form of black and white thinking as a way of beating ourselves up. Our inner critics love ideas like this. I consider myself a creative…

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The Value Of Tension

Tension can be good. It is not my favorite thing in life, and as a highly sensitive person it can be challenging, but it has also made my life better in some ways. Tension Seeks Resolution Tension seeks resolution is truth that I have learned from Robert Fritz through his class, Structures, which teaches how to…

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