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Why Vulnerability Will Make You Successful

I am a writer who blogs about being a highly sensitive person. I sit in my writing chair with my Mac and various beverages strewn about me, and write. It is very cathartic. I write about my emotions, feelings, thoughts, struggles, eccentricities, questionable habits, phobias, and anxieties. It feels SO GOOD to get them out.…

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Pleasure And The Stories We Tell

Is the amount of pleasure in our lives an indication of our worth?  Is the amount of pleasure in our lives proof of our character and goodness? Can pleasure be addictive? The Problem Of Pleasure As A Measurement Tool Obviously there is nothing wrong with pleasure.  Who doesn’t want pleasure in their lives? We all want…

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What Our Emotions Are Trying To Tell Us

As a sensitive person, I am often caught up in the rip-tide of my feelings. They sweep me up. They leave me gasping for air. They throw me on the shore, battered and bruised. Because they can be overwhelming, I have been wanting to get to the heart of my emotional life. Why do I…

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How To Eliminate The Inner Critic In 5 Minutes Or Less

Perhaps your inner critic is nicer to you than mine is to me. Perhaps not. Inner critics are one of the main causes of unhappiness in life. It is a master at helping us to feel bad about something. The list is endless: something wrong with us or the world; it never stops, until we…

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