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What is an Empath Exactly?

what is empath

As someone who started identifying with the word empath some years ago, I have thought lately of how it is simply a catch-all term for different kinds of sensitivities. All people who use the word empath for themselves do not have their empathic antennas out in exactly the same way. They are not exactly like…

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Life as an Emotional Empath

Last year, I went to India after two years of living here in the United States. This is the first time that I have stayed anywhere other than in India, and this shift of living in a new country has also shifted my perspective in many ways. One of these is the way in which…

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Why Impatience Is SO Bad For You

Impatience is so bad for you. It is one of the most seductive emotional states. It is a great way to make life more difficult and relationships challenging. Impatience is like playing a child’s game of bumper cars with real life and adult consequences. Worshipping At The Altar Of Speed I find the adoration of…

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Walls Do Not Make Us Safe

More and more walls are rising in our world. All sorts of walls: brick, stone, identity, geographical, ideological, and economic. There there are social barriers of race, sex and physical abilities. Roles and social affiliations are other forms of demarcation. So are rules. We often can’t live with them and we cannot live without them. Why We Have…

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Take A Vacation from Fear!

I would love a vacation from fear. I have been thinking about fear lately, mostly because our cultural system just seems to be one form of fear or another and it never stops. It doesn’t make sense, really. Why would anyone want to live that way? It all seems quite irrational which is why I…

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HSPs And The Struggle With Body Image

Growing up highly sensitive can have its disadvantages, for sure. You already know that, and it’s different for each and every HSP. There’s a lot of crossover between us, but we each get to have our very own unique experience. It’s such a journey, right? What I want to talk to you about today is…

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Meanness And The Power Of Stories

Do you ever wonder why there is so much meanness in the world? Do you ever feel that it makes no sense, that it is a mistake? If you do, you are right. The Power Of Stories Meanness is as old as the human race and it exists in other species as well. However, the…

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Why You Can Afford To Lose Control

Does losing control scare you? Do you see not having control as a weakness? Do you receive criticism and negative feedback when you make a mistake and are “out-of-control? What Is Control? Given how much attention and pain are associated with control, what is it exactly? According to The Free Dictionary, control is the ability…

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Those Pesky Boundaries

Fuzzy boundaries? Boundaries are one of the biggest challenges facing highly sensitive people. They can be a source of aggravation and unhappiness. There are many reason why boundary issues are a problem for us, some having to do with us and others having to do with the world. It would help if we could get…

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