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Transitioning To A Heart Based World

We are in transition to a heart based world. The changes we are going through may seem imperceptible, but that are happening. What does it mean to be transitioning to a heart centered world? What is it like to live in a heart centered world? What changes can we expect? The End Of The Eighties Mantra I remember…

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Why Emotional Pain Should Be Public Business

We have so many examples of mishandled pain.  How are we going to address the problem?  When are we going to ask, why is this occurring and what we can do about it? News about people shooting each other is so common now that many times it seems just part of the human landscape.  Often what…

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Are You A Pink Tutu Person?

A funny thing happened one day – I fell in love with a pink tutu. Actually, I really fell in love with a couple, their story and the healing effects of a pink tutu. I hope you will too. Who Knew, Pink Tutu? In 2003 Bob Carey put on a pink tutu and took pictures.…

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