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3 Amazing Herbs For The Immune System

Do you think your immune system is taking adequate care of you? Do you fall prey to seasonal illnesses or illnesses that get passed around: colds, flu, etc? Are sick more often than others around you? If you are answering yes to the last two questions, then your immune system may not be protecting you adequately.…

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Ginger: A High Powered Herb For Great Health

Ginger is one of the most important spices you can use not only because of its substantial effect on the digestion but also because of its ability to balance the three body-types. Ginger For Balance The three body types in Ayurveda are vata for movement, pitta for metabolism, and kapha for the body’s structure.  Vata,…

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In The Zone With Ayurveda

The easiest way to be healthy and physically happy is to live naturally in the zone with ayurveda. Being in the zone has been often associated with sports – the place where you are operating in a free and effective manner. In the zone is an expression that came out of the work of Mihály…

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7 Things You May Not Know About Food For Good Health

Food may be one of the most misunderstood facets of our lives and it is one of the most important.  Since we do not run on automatic pilot, we have to get our energy from somewhere and one of the most important sources of energy we have are foods. In our complex busy world no…

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4 Reasons Why HSPs Should Meditate

Why meditate?  There are four reasons why HSP’s should meditate. Many people have adopted the practice of meditation for many reasons as there are many different types of meditation. Chances are that most people adopt the practice for a short term gain like stress relief.  However, there are many long-term benefits that make a meditation…

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How Superfoods Can Help HSPs

Superfoods are a type of food that have a lot of promise for highly sensitive people. HSP stress problems can cause a depletion in the nutritions stores of the body. Superfoods can restore the body and help minimize the consequences of chronic stress. What are superfoods?  There is some dispute about what they are and…

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Why Is Food Medicine?

The simplest way to view food is to realize that everything you eat either supports your life force or it does not – either promotes health or disease.  Therefore when you eat anything processed, you are essentially consuming chemical toxins which disrupt the energy in the body. Most of modern food products are created with…

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