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Guduchi: 9 Ways To Protect Your Health

  Guduchi is another exceptional herb used extensively in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian health care system. Found in the Himalayas, guduchi is one of the few herbs that balances the entire body or all the doshas, the name for the three body-systems of Ayurveda. Over thousands of years, Ayurveda has catalogued all of the physical…

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Gymnema: Ayurvedic Herb For Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control

Are you under a lot of stress? Is the stress you experience chronic? Are you also a highly sensitive person? Why HSPs Can Suffer From Diabetes Diabetes is a risk for people who suffer from chronic stress because chronic stress keeps the body’s digestive system out of balance. Stress puts the body into a state…

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Treat Depression and Anxiety With St. John’s Wort

Depression and anxiety are common in modern life. Given the sensitive biology of highly sensitive people, they may be even more common among HSPs. What are the causes? Common Causes Of Depression And Anxiety Depression and anxiety can come from physical causes as many HSPs know and also from situational causes. Many people when they experience…

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Shilajit: Fountain Of Youth

Most of the time we use herbs and herbal preparations to help with physical and mental problems that we have. But these natural healers serve another purpose. Some of them support our best functioning so they help keep us in great condition and preempt future problems. Shilajit is one of these substances. Why Shilajit Is…

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Control Blood Sugar With Gymnema

One natural way to control blood sugar is the herb gymnema silvestre, which is the main Ayurvedic herb for treating diabetes according to the Ayurveda Encyclopedia. This important herb removes sugar from the pancreas, stimulates pancreatic function, helps circulation and facilitates urine excretion. Gymnema acts to reduces excess kapha (dosha in charge of body structure and…

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