Focus On Your Feet To Center

focus on your feet

I was never raised to see myself as highly sensitive.Rather, when my sensitivity reared its head, such as during shopping sprees with mother, when I would feel so tight inside I felt like I could pass out, or with clothes that felt too itchy, tight or uncomfortable, often led to me often being seen as…

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Grief: The Undervalued HSP Superpower


Photo by Patryk Sobczak on Unsplash Grief is a process of identity transformation. It’s a time of deep reflection, bone-aching sadness and life-ripping readjustments. In some ways, perhaps those of us who have the highly sensitive trait might actually be more uniquely equipped for it than ‘the normals’ —we are no strangers to strong feeling after all… The…

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Welcoming SPS: Our Sensory Processing Sensitivity


“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.” ~Carlton Fisk The theme of overcoming adversity, as a highly sensitive person, is a prominent one for me and many other HSPs.  Coming to an awareness of our trait, sensory processing sensitivity (SPS), seems to follow the path of only vaguely…

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10 Skills Created By The Highly Sensitive Brain

highly sensitive brain

Have you ever felt misunderstood? If so, it is because your highly sensitive brain works in a unique way. Do the most brilliant ideas pop up in your mind, but the moment you mention them all you receive is a blank stare? Followed by a “don’t be so complicated”? Do your expressed emotions incite a…

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Parenting as Sensitive Leadership Bootcamp


I used to joke in a very serious way that taking care of my highly sensitive body was all the parenting I could do, referring to myself as needing care like a baby does. I could not imagine having another sensitive little body, new and growing and needing. How would I with my own needs…

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2020 Empowerment Guide For Highly Sensitive People

This month we have featured 15 wonderful articles to help sensitive people empower themselves and have a wonderful year. Expertise come from many sources. This year’s blog series honors the many ways we can learn about and develop ourselves and the many strategies that sensitive people have available to support the effective channeling of their…

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The Hypocrisy Of Sensitive People


You know that inside joke we have — calling someone a “Vampire” because they drain us of our energy with their negativity and self-absorption?  The nickname might be a bit dramatic, but it’s a pretty fair assessment of what happens in the relationship.   Two Kinds Of Hypocrisy Yet one of the problems with casting someone…

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High Sensitivity: Gifts And Challenges

Highly sensitive people (HSPs) make up about 20% of the population and have a trait that is scientifically known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity. This trait evolved as a survival strategy of the population and brings with it many gifts that support the world, but in today’s busy fast-paced way of living can also create many…

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Sensory Processing Yoga

To turn the important qualities of sensitivity to nuance and deep processing into the gifts they can be, we need the skill of discernment. Sensory Processing Yoga is a practice that helps us develop it. What In The World Is Sensory Processing Yoga? Sensory Processing Yoga is the practice that helps sensitive people transform their…

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