How Doing Your Inner Work Saves You

inner work

It is normal for humans to feel pulled in many different directions at once. It is also part of life to have many different pressures or demanding energies trying to lay claim to our time and energy. These natural parts of life can be challenging for sensitive people who connect strongly with energy. Energy Pointers…

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Highly Self-Employed

For much of my working life (and I’m in my 50s, so it’s been a while), I struggled with the demands of the “normal” 40-hour work week. Working the way our society seemed to insist I work in order make a living made me feel like I was dying. I needed more peace, more depth,…

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Empowering Parents With Sensitive Children


My sister feels big feelings.  I didn’t know that at first. At first I thought she was just sad and mad all the time. At first I thought I did something wrong when I was mad. At first I thought she was always doing something wrong. At least that’s how it seemed. My parents loved…

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Living By My Own Rules: A Guide For Sensitive People

Do you ever wish you could time travel back to an era that was simpler, slower and more HSP friendly?  Although I appreciate many of the benefits of living in this age, I often long for the time of my childhood when I could easily spend an entire day reading on the couch without interruption…

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From Sensitive Chameleon To Sensitive Badass


I grew up thinking there was something terribly wrong with me. The world felt deafening to me. Like the volume on life was turned all the way up, all the time. I rarely felt safe or calm, it was as though I had no skin… everything hit me right to the core. I desperately wanted…

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Setting Boundaries For Responsive Sensitive People


For a long time, just like other sensitive people, I searched for ways to make myself feel less. Everyone else thought I shouldn’t be so affected by the world, that it wasn’t normal. And believing that it was abnormal to feel so much, I tried to contain it.  Experiments With Self-Protection I tried to push…

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Were You Burdened With Too Much Too Soon?


Our childhood experience, whether consciously or unconsciously, can shape our lives today. It affects our personalities, ways of relating to others and even levels of career success.  The Burden Of Emotional Parentification  We all play a particular role in our family system. Some of us are the ‘golden boys/ girls’, some of us are crowned…

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How To Accept Your Sensitivity As A Gift


I love being highly sensitive.  I find that being highly sensitive makes me more attuned to everything, not just the rough stuff, but the bountiful brilliance of life as well.  However, before I had practices in place to help me use my sensitivity to my benefit, it was simply an awful burden. Discovering My Sensitive…

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Grief: The Undervalued HSP Superpower


Photo by Patryk Sobczak on Unsplash Grief is a process of identity transformation. It’s a time of deep reflection, bone-aching sadness and life-ripping readjustments. In some ways, perhaps those of us who have the highly sensitive trait might actually be more uniquely equipped for it than ‘the normals’ —we are no strangers to strong feeling after all… The…

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