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Overstimulation: How Subtle Energy Overwhelms An HSP

So – you’re an HSP and have overstimulation issues? It’s a huge challenge trying to handle it. I am sure that it always has been but in our current culture where ridiculous amounts of stimulation are considered normal, it is particularly difficult to handle overstimulation for HSP’s. The Problem Of Overstimulation For HSP’s Because of…

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Meditation Heals Traumatic Stress

Have you developed a meditation practice for yourself? I have meditated now for almost 20 years and it is one of the best things I have done for myself. Like many HSPs, stress has always been a problem for me. Meditation is one of the few things I have found that provides serious help. Traumatic Stress Required…

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7 Baby Steps For Severe Stress Relief

When we are under stress particularly severe stress, we often want to run away from it because it is so painful. Highly sensitive people struggle more than others with severe stress because their nervous systems are so attuned to the world around them. We pick up every hurt and dissonance, take it in and then…

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An Easy Way To Discharge Stressed Out Energy

Nature is one of the most powerful and natural healing modalities available to us and yet it is largely untapped as a healing resource. We highly sensitive people are more vulnerable  to a stressed nervous system  from the high levels of stimulation that are so rampant in our western culture. Over my lifetime I have…

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Fixation On The “Bad”

I suspect that our fixation on the “bad” is a habit left over from our ancient past.”Bad” is a very problematic word.  Mostly because it is used to cover so much territory. It can mean unpleasant, or refer to something that does not work well. When two people are in disagreement we may have a dysfunctional…

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5 Ways That Meditation Is Changing My Life

I had no expectations from my meditation. I started my practice 20 years ago after having moved from New Jersey to Virginia. We were living in an old farmhouse on a large farm when I happened to see a presentation by Deepak Chopra on PBS about meditation. I was very curious. When it aired again,…

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4 Reasons Why HSPs Should Meditate

Why meditate?  There are four reasons why HSP’s should meditate. Many people have adopted the practice of meditation for many reasons as there are many different types of meditation. Chances are that most people adopt the practice for a short term gain like stress relief.  However, there are many long-term benefits that make a meditation…

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