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Why Emotional Pain Should Be Public Business

We have so many examples of mishandled pain.  How are we going to address the problem?  When are we going to ask, why is this occurring and what we can do about it? News about people shooting each other is so common now that many times it seems just part of the human landscape.  Often what…

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The Illusion Of Autonomy

Being a sensitive person means that you come into contact with the illusion of autonomy all the time. For a long time human culture – especially Western culture – has promoted autonomy as an important goal for individuals and societies. The goal of autonomy has been a social answer to the issues created by the…

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Enjoy The Benefits of Gratitude!

Do you ever get annoyed when you hear the word gratitude? How do you feel when you hear that you “should” be grateful? Frankly, it has not my favorite word because I have seen it used manipulatively so often. So it came to me that ideas about gratitude can often be wrong. Gratitude Is Not…

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How To Eliminate The Inner Critic In 5 Minutes Or Less

Perhaps your inner critic is nicer to you than mine is to me. Perhaps not. Inner critics are one of the main causes of unhappiness in life. It is a master at helping us to feel bad about something. The list is endless: something wrong with us or the world; it never stops, until we…

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