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Too Nice For Your Own Good As An HSP?

Sometimes, it can feel like we can’t even see the underlying problems that come with emotional patterns we play out as HSPs. It can feel like we are doing our best but then bashing our heads against the same problem over and over again. Maybe, as an HSP, our identity is too tightly woven with…

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The Gift Of Compassion From Sensitive People

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t always handle doctor’s office visits well especially with procedures involving unexpected pain. All too often, there is a sudden cold sweat followed by nausea and lightheadedness signaling I’m getting ready to faint. For the Highly Sensitive, fainting can be our ingrained response to the invasiveness of  modern medicine followed by the emotional recognition of…

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Can Contempt Be Cured?

Underneath all of the pain in the world is a fundamental mistake: the mistake of contempt. What Is Contempt? Contempt is an ugly feeling.  According to the Free Dictionary, contempt is: 1. The feeling or attitude of regarding someone or something as inferior, base, or worthless; scorn. 2. The state of being despised or dishonored:…

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Why Is Generosity So Difficult?

Generosity is something we all want and often struggle with. Why is that? Ambivalence About Generosity We tend to respond to generosity with warmth, happiness and joy. We also naturally respond to stinginess with repulsion, hurt and fear. Of course negative experiences can cause us to have more complicated feelings. However we need to function…

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The Illusion Of Autonomy

Being a sensitive person means that you come into contact with the illusion of autonomy all the time. For a long time human culture – especially Western culture – has promoted autonomy as an important goal for individuals and societies. The goal of autonomy has been a social answer to the issues created by the…

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Why Responsibility Is Not Enough

Have you ever noticed how the word responsibility gets thrown around a lot? Does it seem strange that in spite of that we have so many pressing problems in our world? I think it is worth asking why that is. Responsibility Is Not Stewardship When we talk about responsibility we are usually referring to tasks: you…

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Why Highly Sensitive People Are Practical!

Highly sensitive people are often treated poorly. HSPs are empathetic and creative and as a result do not easily fit into the Western cultural model. To many people, apparently our being different causes them to judge the highly sensitive person as a flake. Not so fast! Differences Between Highly Sensitive People And The Non-HSP Highly sensitive people…

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Put Negativity In Its Place

Negativity is not what you think. Negativity is often thought to be a personal character trait. There is some truth to that but it is so much more. What Is Negativity? According to the Your Dictionary, negativity,  at least in a social or decision making sense, is defined as follows: a word, affix, phrase, etc.…

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Fabulous Reviews For The Emerging Sensitive!

emerging sensitive

  The Emerging Sensitive is now available and getting wonderful reviews. Here are several from Amazon. The Review Of The Emerging Sensitive By Ane Axford, Sensitive Leadership “The Emerging Sensitive is an essential resource in supporting highly sensitive people in showing up in relevant ways, and not at a cost to them. It is full…

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New Study Shows How Winning Affects The Brain

Article first published as New Study Shows How Winning Affects The Brain on Technorati. So says a Yale study published in the October 6 issue of Neuron, a journal that investigates genetics and the brain. It has reexamined the reward pathways of the brain that are conventionally associated with the basal ganglia, a center brain region…

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