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Overcoming The Need To Please

Highly sensitive people have many ways of handling their nature and the overwhelm that they experience. Being different means that relationships are often difficult for us. We often feel at a disadvantage in relationships feeling one down because we feel disrespected. There are many reasons for this. Our compassionate non-competitive natures seek mutuality in a…

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Why Conformity Is About Group Norms

Have you ever thought one thing and done another? Have you ever changed your mind when in a group that had different ideas? I know I have and it made me feel like a wimp. Being an HSP means that my positions are not the norm, and I am always seeking ways to bridge the…

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Creating Harmony: When Not To Try And Make It Work

I like harmony. I suspect that many HSPs do. Harmony to me is important because at its best it tells us that we are making effective choices. At its worst, we are keeping a destructive peace. Which is operating in your life? Why Is Harmony So Elusive? I have often wondered why harmony is so…

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Stuck In The Spider Web Of Approval?

I like getting approval. I suspect we all do. Yet I hate wanting or needing it. I hate all the games that go with approval: the withholding of it – treating it like it is a prize or a weapon. the distortion of information to manipulate approval the overvaluation of approval when we are really…

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Workplace Bullying: A Survival Guide

Unfortunately, difficult economic conditions can increase the negative behaviors that people will tolerate in order to keep their jobs. If you ever find yourself the target of workplace bullying, it is important to have strategies to safeguard your emotional and physical well-being. If You Experience Workplace Bullying If you are being bullied at work: Don’t…

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Why You Can Afford To Lose Control

Does losing control scare you? Do you see not having control as a weakness? Do you receive criticism and negative feedback when you make a mistake and are “out-of-control? What Is Control? Given how much attention and pain are associated with control, what is it exactly? According to The Free Dictionary, control is the ability…

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The Right Kind Of Uppity

Although the majority of highly sensitive people are introverted, all have a gift for perceiving nuances which can cause them to be more cautious than non-HSPs. As a result, sensitive people often shun aggressive behaviors including the more benign forms of aggression. Aggression can be a good thing and sometimes not. It can mean being…

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Pleasure And The Stories We Tell

Is the amount of pleasure in our lives an indication of our worth?  Is the amount of pleasure in our lives proof of our character and goodness? Can pleasure be addictive? The Problem Of Pleasure As A Measurement Tool Obviously there is nothing wrong with pleasure.  Who doesn’t want pleasure in their lives? We all want…

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Benefits Of Letting Go

Haven’t we all met the person who never gets over it?  The person with a grudge for everyone else to pay their whole life?  The person who is always pulling teeth to get their way? For thousands of years, human beings have been invested in a vengeful and controlling way of life, with seriously painful…

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