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Embracing The Primal Yumminess

I have been thinking about how we often get in our own way and why it is so difficult to change that. How do we get so bogged down in minutia, problems, relationships, work, money problems? Learning From Animals Every morning my cat, Kelly, marches me outdoors. It does not matter what the temperature – winter…

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What is an Empath Exactly?

what is empath

As someone who started identifying with the word empath some years ago, I have thought lately of how it is simply a catch-all term for different kinds of sensitivities. All people who use the word empath for themselves do not have their empathic antennas out in exactly the same way. They are not exactly like…

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Why Impatience Is SO Bad For You

Impatience is so bad for you. It is one of the most seductive emotional states. It is a great way to make life more difficult and relationships challenging. Impatience is like playing a child’s game of bumper cars with real life and adult consequences. Worshipping At The Altar Of Speed I find the adoration of…

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Relieve Chronic Pain with Ayurveda

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Does it seem as if the amount of pain you are experiencing is growing over time rather than diminishing? Do you have a hard time functioning because of chronic pain? Is it hard to relieve your chronic pain with medication? What Causes Chronic Pain? There are many causes of…

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Truths Spoken In The Silence Of Contemplation

It had been a long day. One which didn’t improve when I fell asleep during my meditation class that evening after a twelve-hour shift at work. Feeling embarrassed afterward, I had a hard time meeting the teacher’s eyes as we put the chairs away before dispersing for the night. But true to form, there was…

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Digital Detox For Highly Sensitive People

So here I was again, crying on the floor of my tiny rented studio from an unbearable migraine and fatigue, weak and desperate after a day in the office. I seemed to have finally landed in a decent digital marketing role I’ve always wanted – a great brand, professional and ambitious colleagues, a decent salary…

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What Time Pressure Costs Us

How do you feel about the time pressure of this impatient world we live in? Personally, I hate it, yet I often feel that slow is “wrong”. Slow means getting run off the road by someone faster. Slow means “missing the boat” because you can only miss it by being slow. The fast pace of…

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Why Ayurveda Works For Stress Reduction In HSPs

As a highly sensitive person, I experience a lot of stress. Most highly sensitive people do. It is not a choice. Our nervous systems are sponges for the stimulus around us. We become flooded and overwhelmed. If we are not careful we can drown and become unable to function. Stress Reduction: A Necessity For Highly…

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