The Secret Benefit of Emotional Healing

Are you stuck in your emotional healing?

Do you keep falling down?

Do you ever wonder what there is for you when your healing is complete?

Does Emotional Healing Ever End?

Emotional healing can seem like a never ending process for a reason. Emotional healing focuses on a problem:

  • you are the problem
  • your parents are the problem
  • society is the problem
  • other treat you like the problem
  • life is a never ending problem

And so you drown in problems, some of your own making, many not of your making.

What doesn’t seem to get questioned is the view of life as just a series of problems. Is that all that is – really? No wonder everyone is so depressed. What a depressing view of life!

Changing How We Frame Our Experience

The magic in life begins when you stop treating life as a problem or series of problems.

Have you ever noticed how whenever you seem to have one problem solved, another pops up? Have you ever noticed how often you frame your experience in terms of problems? Could you be attracting problems because that is how you frame your experience?

Suppose we were to change how we frame our experience? Can we of life as being more than a series of problems?

Beyond Problems

Life isn’t just about our problems. If we take a long view of human history, we will notice that yes, we have a problems, but look at how far we have come! Look at all that we have created that enables us to survive and thrive.

So is it the problems that we are all about or perhaps what we have created that we are all about.

The Easiest Path To Emotional Healing

The easiest way to heal emotionally is to drop our problems especially as the purpose of our lives. Sure there are problems and always will be, but we need to keep them in perspective in order to heal.

We also need to move into our natural creativity to move beyond them. There is a big difference between drowning in our problems and seeing our problems as part of what we are trying to create in the world. As long as we equate life with problems, we cannot find the joy that is possible in our lives as we participate in the ongoing evolution of the human race.

That is the real story. When you participate in it, you will heal many of your emotional problems.

About Maria Hill

Maria Hill is the founder of Sensitive Evolution. She is the author of The Emerging Sensitive: A Guide For Finding Your Place In The World. In addition, she has created the immersive Emerging Sensitive Program using cultural and personal development frameworks to help sensitive people master their sensitivity and turn it into the asset it can be. She also offers The Magic Of Joy program for quantum healing and the Emerging Sensitive Community focused on living in the world as a sensitive person and navigating the challenging cultural shifts of our times. She is a longtime meditator, reiki master, student of alternative health and Ayurveda. Maria is a Certified Theta Healer and certified in Spiral Dynamics. She is an abstract painter whose portfolio can be found at Infinite Shape and also very interested in animal and human rights and the environment.


  1. Lynn on September 17, 2021 at 7:50 am

    I find “could you be attracting the problem” the language of blaming the victim. Reframing or not, it’s wrong to blame a victim for “attracting the problem.”

    • Maria Hill on September 17, 2021 at 7:56 am

      Thanks, Lynn. I agree with you that we can look at it that way. What I am suggesting is that we demote problems rather than elevate them as central to our lives and in doing so we gain a greater control over our energetic investments. I find as a sensitive person that we are so often offered problems again and again as central to our lives and I think a little shift can make life easier. You are right though, blaming the victim is not what we want to do. Thans for pointing it out for clarification.

      Warm regards,