First Zenyatta, now Happy Feet!  Something is going on with humans and animals that I have never seen before, at least not like this. Animals have captured the imagination in the past and we have formed relationships with them through our media.  Lassie was a good example from the last century. However, this feels different.  It feels like more than just affection.  It feels to me that the human race is waking up and the animals are leading the way and showing us how.

Zenyatta, that fabulous horse, had a wonderfully engaged and relating spirit, that captured everyone’s imagination.  She made us feel wonderful to be with her.  She made us feel more like the best of ourselves and reminded us of what that is.  She showed us that it wasn’t winning the race that mattered, it was living life that mattered. She reminded us of our heart and spirits and that is really what stays with me when I think of her.

Zenyatta was an American phenom.  Happy Feet is an international phenom. At first it would seem that they have little in common.  Zenyatta is a winning race horse; Happy Feet, a penguin who lost his way.  But Happy Feet accomplished in getting lost, what few Emperor penguins have been able to do, so he entered our awareness because he seemed special. Then we learned that he needed our help, he was very sick.  So we started a relationship with him, that continues even now as he has recovered, become healthy and strong, and set out for his home in Antarctica. Happy Feet got our curiosity, our concern and good wishes, and our hearts and admiration. He brought out the best in us.

Both Zenyatta and Happy Feet seem to have sparked our spirits, wonder, good will and joy like few events that I can remember.  The internet is probably a factor in all of this.  Perhaps it is showing us that we are not alone in our desire to have a more livable world.

There is definitely something in the air.  I think people are tired of fighting and competition and want to enjoy life. Sometimes I have wondered if we have forgotten how.  Now I think we may be finding our way again.

Thank you Zenyatta and Happy Feet.

About Maria Hill

Maria Hill is the founder of Sensitive Evolution. She is the author of The Emerging Sensitive: A Guide For Finding Your Place In The World. In addition, she has created the immersive Emerging Sensitive Program of "sensory processing yoga" using frameworks to help sensitive people master their sensitivity and turn it into the asset it can be. She also offers the Emerging Sensitive Movie Club focused on movies and discussions about living in the world as a sensitive person and navigating the challenging cultural shifts of our times. She is a longtime meditator, reiki master, student of alternative health and Ayurveda. Maria is also an abstract painter whose portfolio can be found at Infinite Shape and also very interested in animal and human rights and the environment.

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  1. Jasdeep on September 5, 2011 at 9:37 am

    No doubt hes caught our attention.. i keep chking for his locations.. n wish him luk in returning back safe home…